Wednesday, November 30, 2016

flim flam flummox?

Are we Razzle dazzled, yet?

As President-Elect Trump goes about filling Cabinet posts for his future administration, many Internet Commenters seem -- not dazzled, shall we say.

A New York Times reader wrote,
"I am not surprised.  When you elect a showman and not a leader, you can expect only such things."
~~ T. Anand Raj, Tamil Nadu

Checking a news site which actually has been run by one of Donald Trump's appointees, Mr. Steve Bannon, we noted one Commenter saying, "Trump made promises to get elected, and now it's the old switcher."

The next Comment on the site made dire predictions for the fate of the entire Republican Party "if they do not repeal Obamacare" -- I was trying to test out another site besides the N.Y. Times, for variety, but decided,

Well -- am not reprinting any threatening language, and besides the sentiment on the appointees didn't seem to be any different.  ("Left" and "Right" meet, in dissatisfaction...? - Trump's invitation to Steven Mnuchin,

to join his prospective team appears particularly unpopular.  [Then again, are these folks happy with anyone?])


NYTimes comments from readers:

AAF, New York
What did Trump say about draining the swamp?  Pretty soon the swamp will be overflowing like never before.

Christine C. Curtis, San Francisco
So much for draining the swamp.  New crocodile in town now.

MP, San Diego, California
Face it, when America puts on the pedestal the likes of Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, it's been long past its glory days.  In fact, it's a third-rate kind of society. 

If you are not surprised by the preponderance of oligarchy and nepotism and favoritism in corrupted governments like Mexico's or Venezuela's or Vietnam's, don't be surprised by what you are seeing in the USA.

Mona Kanin, Brooklyn
What the Times left out is that Mnuchin was part of the mechanism to defraud Americans during the housing crisis, created a bank, OneWest, to offer subprime loans and then made over a billion dollars in profit when he sold the bank. 

The mortgage holders, of course, were left with nothing.  Again, all of our fears about Trump come to life through his appointments.

Aundaray, NY
I have a feeling that if Peter Sellers was alive

he would have his next great script.  You simply can't make this up.

Juan Perez, Washington DC
It isn't enough to be bright.  You have to be ethical, too, to be a public servant.  This isn't a point-of-view thing.  It is putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop.