Wednesday, November 9, 2016

good luck

"The people have spoken -- the bastards!"
~~ Dick Tuck, 1966


headlines and thoughts

Headline in today's New York Times:  "Donald Trump is elected president in stunning repudiation of the establishment"

(I'd been thinking the voters were giving a solid middle-finger to Washington D.C. and the status quo..."stunning repudiation" is a more polite description...)

A Reuters headline:  "This is rage against the machine":  voters reject a "rigged" system

Presidential statement:
"We are all rooting for Donald Trump's success now."
~~ Barack Obama

Headline in The Guardian, UK edition:
"Trump's victory.  How he swept to an unreal, surreal presidential election win"

New York Times quotation of the day:
"I think the future of our country is about each one of us, not one person in charge."  Jose Umana, a 49-year-old airline pilot in Coral Gables, Florida