Tuesday, November 29, 2016

terrific President Obama

"She is very strong and very smart."

~~ Donald Trump, about Hillary Clinton

"I found him to be terrific...we had a very good chemistry going."

~~ Donald Trump, about President Barack Obama

"America is an incredible experiment, really."

~~ Keith Richards


One thing this Election Year has showed me:  I now understand why many people prefer to ignore "politics."

I wrote a letter to President-Elect Trump, to offer some inspiration, perspective, encouragement, and I even embedded a "sound-bite" in there -- just an observation of mine, and if I hear him use it in a speech, then I'll say, "Ah - hah!" 

(I got to thinking what if he appreciates and borrows my sound-bite and uses it on Twitter, but I don't have 24-7 access to twitter, and I might miss it. ... I considered, at Thanksgiving, possibly asking a friend, "Could you follow Mr. Trump's 'Twitter' and make note of all of his 'Tweets'?"  Then thought, "Oh my gosh, that is a weird sentence."  I couldn't make such a request of anyone.)

Universe:  I hereby relinquish sound-bites and helpful ideas, and just -- let them float.

Once the election is over, we work with what we got to work with.  


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