Saturday, June 10, 2017

and if they stare; and if they shout

--------------------------  [All The President's Men, excerpt]  ---------------  Frederick LaRue, Herbert L. Porter and Jeb Stuart Magruder had all left the White House staff to join CRP.

About five o'clock, the woman telephoned Bernstein.  She sounded almost hysterical.  "I'm in a phone booth.  When I got back from lunch, I got called into somebody's office and confronted with the fact that I had been seen talking to a Post reporter. 

They wanted to know everything.  It was high up; that's all you have to know.  I told you they were following me.  Please don't call me again or come to see me."

Later that night, Bernstein went to her apartment and knocked on the door.

"Go away," she said, and Bernstein and Woodward went off to bang on other doors.

About the same time, Clark MacGregor called the Post's executive editor, Ben Bradlee,

to complain about the visits.  Bradlee did not tell the reporters about it until months later, but he recalled that MacGregor had asked for an appointment with him and Katharine Graham, the publisher of the Post.  The appointment was made for the next day, but was canceled by MacGregor.  "He wanted to talk about your excesses.