Friday, June 23, 2017

senators just want to have fun

Money out of politics

This can be done.

(It's just like a Tablet can cost $40 or $1400....)


Senate health care bill

New York Times Reader Comments

Greg    New Haven
------------ Well it looks like the new Senate health care bill successfully addresses at least two pressing issues this country has been facing:  1) that wealthy Americans do not have enough money; and 2) that working Americans have access to too much health care.

Gmcq66    Litchfield
------------------ Why does nobody comment about how unaffordable the "ACA" had become and why?  Don't get me wrong, what Senate Republicans are proposing is diabolical.  Congress must meet the demand for #singlepayer now!  We have to get rid of US healthcare being held hostage by commercial insurance companies.

Healthcare in Japan:
1.  100% of Japanese have health insurance
2.  Costs are half of what we spend in the U.S.
3.  Japanese can choose their own doctors and see them twice as often as Americans
4.  Japanese have the world's longest life expectancy, and the second lowest infant mortality
5.  95% of Japanese healthcare is NOT for-profit
6.  The Japanese government sets all fees for medical services and drugs.

We could have a single-payer system like Japan, if Congressmen and women stopped taking money from the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries and started doing what the people elected them to which is providing reasonably priced (not ACA high deductible) coverage for ALL Americans.

Bob    NYC
------------ Why have other nations figured out how to give all of its citizens universal health care?

J. Rosh    Virginia
------------- ...Propaganda is powerful, we are all AMERICANS and should not let ourselves be played by 2 wings belonging to ONE bird.

JPG    Webster, Massachusetts
--------------- Want to get an excellent healthcare plan enacted?

It's really quite easy:

#1 Require all Members of Congress and their staffs and their dependents to subscribe to the exact same plan as what they offer to the General Public ... but without their "employer" paying their premiums and co-pays.

tkr3    Austin
------------- The four senators who say they won't vote for the bill in its current form are just a smoke screen so that the more moderate senators don't have to oppose it.  At the last minute, expect enough of the "objectors" to vote "yes" at the last minute for it to pass.



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