Thursday, August 10, 2017

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My list of Glen Campbell songs (listen on You Tube) --

"Gentle On My Mind"

(what one Reader Commenting from Germany called "those three town songs") ...

"By The Time I Get To Phoenix"
"Wichita Lineman"

"Rhinestone Cowboy"
"Country Boy (You got your feet in L.A.)"
"Southern Nights"
"Bonaparte's Retreat"

...(to mark his passing, or to celebrate his life, and/or our own lives)...

The New York Times's song list ("10 essential") --

"By The Time I Get to Phoenix"
"Wichita Lineman"
"Less of Me"
"It's a Sin (When You Love Somebody)"
"Rhinestone Cowboy"
"Classical Gas"
"These Days"
"Sadly Beautiful"


The New York Times had three stories, on Campbell's passing:

"Glen Campbell, Whose Hit Songs Bridged Country and Pop, Dies at 81"

"Glen Campbell, Musical Omnivore"


"Listen to 10 Essential Glen Campbell Songs"


Then, reading down through some Reader Comments, I came upon another Campbell song which I'd forgotten to put on my list and I think I used to play it on the piano, when I was 12 or 13 -- "Try A Little Kindness."  Good one, add to the You Tube listening list....

Reader Comments

Bronx, NY
---------- Yes, every word, beautiful and clear.  A real perfectionist who could sing with tenderness or with great power.  And those incredible licks!  Watch him "play one" on you tube, the amazing instrumental on Galveston in the Concert in Sioux Falls when he was 65, never played better.

Don Foltz
------------ Glen was a wonderful musician who has left us many enjoyable memories which we will always have.

Lost in the sonoran desert
---------- His guitar skills were astounding.

------------ He was the real American story.  Brilliant, funny, flawed... what a force for good he was.

-------- Wichita Lineman as sung by Glen Campbell may be the most beautiful song ever recorded.

---------- You got to try a little kindness

Yes show a little kindness

Just shine your light for everyone to see

And if you try a little kindness
Then you'll overlook the blindness
Of narrow-minded people on their narrow-minded streets

Lawrence McGowan
New Jersey
------------ Great entertainer.  You will be missed Glen.

Houston, Texas
--------- Voice like a strong, soaring, perfect bell.  Incredible musicianship.  A genius in his field.  Thank heaven for recordings.

Stu Whisson
---------- As a Brit Campbell managed to cross the pond well and his music and character was always well liked here.  Not so long ago, I lived in Nashville for two years and the love of this man and the respect the locals had of him was warming. 

Few people can be said to be considered National Treasures, but Glen Campbell should be one.  He took an American music style and made it accessible around the World....

New Jersey
--------- I remember seeing Glen Campbell in the early 1970s when he recorded his Live concert album in Holmdel, NJ. 

He astounded everyone by performing his guitar rendition of "Yakity Sax" first in the normal fashion (in front of him), then swung the guitar over to the backside of his head and continued playing the song behind his head! 

He then brought it back to the front and finished the number with an all out 60mph finish!  THAT is a guitar virtuoso.

Providence, Rhode Island
------------ "But I'm gonna be where the lights are shinin' on me..."  Another dignified and talented individual gone from our midst.

New York
----------- This thoughtful obit made me realize what an enormous talent Glen Campbell was and how it was no fluke that he was such a success.  I have always enjoyed his music and remember how it struck the right note at a time of turmoil in America (Vietnam, the civil rights struggle, with Watergate just down the road).

Evelyn Walsh
---------------- ...Hearing something as sublime as Wichita Lineman will always feel miraculous....

--------- He did an act of surpassing kindness for families like mine, caring for a loved one suffering from Alzheimers, by announcing his illness and still going forward with grace and fortitude. 

It was all Glen's music for us tonight, the sweet sounds we grew up with, remembering him ever smiling, ever gentle on our minds.

Indianapolis, Indiana
----------- In the sixties I had the radio turned low on a summer late in the evening trying to sleep when the quiet speaking DJ said he had a treat for us, a song he had just heard from an artist new to him who he believed was going to do well.  He played By the Time I Get to Phoenix

New York
------------ When the Grammys paid him a tribute in 2012, I remember his performance of Rhinestone Cowboy bringing the house down.  An accomplished guitarist with down home charm ...

Bea Dillon
-------------- What a beautiful voice, extraordinary talented, natural performer, Glen Campbell's songs are the soundtrack of our childhoods.  The critics said he couldn't do it, go out and perform with Alzheimer's and he did it so beautifully

Brendan Bruce
-------- Anybody else remember the Grant Park Chicago Labor Day open air free concert in the early eighties?  The first half, Glen Campbell; second half, Miles Davis!

Jaye Ramsey Sutter
Sugar Land, Texas
--------- Music endures.

Lonely Centrist
North Carolina
---------- ...Mr. Campbell's place in music history is assured with his singing on just one song -- "Wichita Lineman," one of the two greatest American songs of romantic longing ever written (along with Hoagy Carmichael's "Stardust").

---------- Glen Campbell was the Garth of his time.  I will miss him and he is carved forever in an epoch of my life.

Dave DiRoma
Long Island
----------- Gentle On My Mind - listen to the way Campbell wraps his vocal around the beautiful banjo and guitar picking.  Truly a genius we will not see his like again.

------ ...It's a sad day, but what a life, what a music life.

Mt. Laurel, New Jersey
---------- ...Glen Campbell.  You are forever "Gentle on My Mind".

---------- Yes -- Wichita Lineman, that is exactly what I wanted to say, too.  So haunting, and so well produced ... one of the great pop songs of the sixties...

Galesburg, Illinois
------------ Glen Campbell was a kind and clear voice in a turbulent world....someone who could take us away from our meanness as a society.  He lives in our hearts as a hopeful lover of life.  Though he struggled with...demons, as we all do, he concluded with love and energy.  May it be so with us.

Bill G
Scituate, Massachusetts
------------ "I hear you singin' in the wire,

I can hear you through the whine

And the Wichita lineman --

Is still on the line"

Thank you, brother!  Peace and love to you and your family!


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