Tuesday, August 8, 2017

when I walk along some railroad track and find

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~  Government Report Finds Drastic Impact of Climate Change on U.S.

~  Defendants Kept in the Dark About Evidence, Until It's Too Late

~  Graphic:  New York's Subways Are Not Just Delayed.  Some Trains Don't Run at All.

~  Trump Likes When C.I.A. Chief Gets Political, but Officers Are Wary

~  North Korea Rails Against New Sanctions.  Whether They Will Work Is Unclear.

~  Wells Fargo, Awash In Scandal, Faces Violations Over Car Insurance Refunds

dispatch from Central Europe
   Cleaving to the Medieval, Journeymen Ply Their Trades in Europe

[added later, on Tuesday] --

~  Glen Campbell, Whose Hit Songs Bridged Country and Pop, Dies at 81

[The New York Times]

Climate Change story -- online, you can read the article, & it contains a place where you can click on "open document" and read the draft of the report....3 Reader Comments:

---------- So here is a perfect example of a Trump administration "leak".  Dedicated public servants who are trying to save this country from catastrophe can only get the truth out to the public by circumventing the administration.  That is not leaking, it is whistle blowing.

------- Many thanks to the New York Times for getting this report to the public, thwarting whatever suppression may (or may not -- it doesn't actually matter) have been planned on the 19th Green in Bedminster (or wherever).  Value of the free press, demonstrated in concrete terms.  Bravo NYT (and your brethren at WaPo and elsewhere)!

---------- No telling what Trump will do, but one thing bears some consideration on this topic.

That report does not belong to Trump.  It is our property.  It is not a national security matter, it does not concern classified material; none of the usual excuses. 

It is a scientific report created by the government using public funds. 

Willful ignorance cannot be our national policy on this issue.



3 Reader Comments / Glen Campbell

Belmont, Massachusetts
----------- His rendition of Jimmy Webb's Wichita Lineman is one of the great, great American songs.  Fondly remembered.

Hunterdon County, New Jersey
----------- "And I need you more than want you,
And I want you for all time"

Lyrics so beautiful, I almost wish I never heard them.

Santa Cruz, California
------------ He was a great artist and gave us some timeless songs.