Monday, August 4, 2014

an humanitarian traveling light

When you read the Becoming Minimalist website, written by Joshua Becker, you see ideas expressed about "consumerism" -- buying or using "stuff."  It helps you think about your own stuff, and stuff you might want to buy, or not want to buy, and why.  It just kind of offers different perspectives and viewpoints which a person can consider.

(He doesn't say, 'never buy anything, wear no clothes, and starve to death' -- he just says, 'look at this, for example,' 'think about that,' or 'question these things...")

Before reading some articles and Comments on that website (and others he links to), I had been experiencing the need to "Simplify" because of some clarified priorities and the need to make Time to Do What I Actually Want To Do In Life.

So the "Minimalist" ideas seemed to go right alongside the "Simplifying" steps...

Re-reading parts of

The Diana Chronicles, by Tina Brown, thought it was interesting to note that when Princess Diana and Prince Charles were in the divorce process, Diana, bringing her sister Sarah with her, went to the Wales' country home to get Diana's things.  Brown wrote that all Diana took were her photos and personal mementoes, and a few pieces of furniture and charcoal drawings which she'd had in her apartment that she shared with three other girls prior to her 1981 engagement to the Prince.