Wednesday, August 27, 2014

the prettiest ones we found

A co-worker brought in zucchini bread, on a transparent glass plate -- when I commented on the plate, she said her dining table at home has -- some kind of decorative surface (can't remember what she said it was..."inlaid" something??); the transparent plates are so that the beauty of the table can be enjoyed, rather than covered up.

I thought, Well that's just like Jackie Kennedy -- in the "Tour of the White House" she shows Charles Collingwood some plates (the Eisenhower plates, the Truman plates), & table settings, saying,

"These glasses are ours...I wanted a very simple design,

so the china and silver and glass would -- show up, more.  So we looked all over, and the prettiest ones we found came from West Virginia."

Same principle -- keeping one component simple, plain, maybe transparent, so as not to compete with other designs in proximity:  to have a beautiful look, rather than a "jumble."

The Tour of the White House aired in February, 1962.

April 1960:  JFK campaigning in rural West Virginia in advance of the state's May 10th primary

Mrs. Kennedy in consultation with CBS's Perry Wolff, producer of the "Tour-White House" program


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