Friday, August 22, 2014

times like these

Places where I could sleep, right now:

on a sleeping bag in a tree-house

on a river raft

on an ocean yacht

sitting up, in the wing chair
lying on a towel, on green grass
beneath summergreen leaves
atop a lakeside cliff
next to cat
thinking of dogs
or cows

...let the sky sleep, too.

Last night I noticed a couple of Karen men playing checkers, on a home-made checkerboard, with home-made checkers.  Looked to be cardboard -- pieces and board, colored with magic marker ...

Price-checking, it appears you can buy checkers-and-a-checkerboard (by Pressman) on Amazon for $6.75.

Well -- they saved $6.75.  I thought it was an interesting choice.

Imagine making things, when you need them, or want them.

After a mellow-temperatured summer here, we could use some rain but it doesn't come.

Just think if you could make rain:

Fly in a plane, carrying large supply of water on board, in a tank, and spritz it down on the fields and towns, with wide-aim hoses, or something...

Stay on the ground, shooting water-filled missiles up into the sky, where they would ...
Oh I don't know, how can I think up these things, am not an engineer....

Oh and what about Irrigation...?  Some farmers do that -- they "irrigate," while townspeople "water"....

"...Farmer Johnson says it's either
Too wet or too dry..."


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