Tuesday, August 5, 2014

surf's up

"A star has to have horsepower."
                                                                                    --  Katharine Hepburn

The word "horsepower" is not always a word we think of, when considering Princess Diana -- the former Lady Diana Spencer.

However, I would contend:  horsepower, she had.

It is what made her different -- the thing that made her stand out.

Beauty, height, charisma.  There are many other people who have those qualities; some are "stars" and some are not.

Being tall;
Being beautiful;
Having charisma (someone said she "had charisma you could surf on");
Having good manners and class...

Those are all things which some people have, but they do not automatically add up -- in a specific, logical, consistent way -- to the person being a star.

I think no one can specifically define what makes someone a star -- it's ineffable, mysterious.

After all the sillygossip of the early '90s about various royal-family people (we were awash in it, it was awful!), when Diana, Princess of Wales, took up the landmine cause, I thought, "Well this is interesting. ..."



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