Wednesday, September 24, 2014

get it done quietly

Someone said, and I read, that nations typically don't go to war against trading partners.

That fits in with the idea that what our American government is trying to do, with globalization, is to connect the whole world as trading partners.

That way, people will not become so desperate that they turn to


People can live normal lives.

(They can have MP-3 players...)>>>>>>>>>>> A review-writer on the internet, typing about a very inexpensive MP-3 player, said that it works well, and the sound is good --

"When you see the features and compare the price (I paid $11.59) it should not add up.  It is too affordable to be true, but it is. ..."

At the end of his review he added:

"Example:  This little thing comes with two cables:

1.  A 12 inch micro USB adapter cable
2.  A 12 inch 3.5 mm audio cable

I checked the prices of these exact cables at, and they were as follows, respectively:

1.  $12.99
2.  $2.99

That's already $16.  Keep adding up the price of the parts proportionally, and you get the idea.

Made in China,

it is the Gestalt of the global economy.

Make media boxes, not bullets.

Viva capitalism!"


I got to wondering and thinking about how sometimes people think that "talking politics" means finger-pointing and name-calling.  It really doesn't mean that, but the media-circus seems to want to keep The Public distracted with manufactured, fake controversies, salvos, and non-issues, while our gov't. and our military go about the task of protecting the human race from terrorism.

------------------------ In Charlie Wilson's War, U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson tells Joanne Herring (Julia Roberts), "This thing is not going to get done by ballrooms full of people in Houston; it's going to get done by the CIA, Israel, and Egypt, and it's going to get done quietly."

(What they're doing, at that point in the movie, is beginning a covert operation to arm the mujahideen in Afghanistan, during the 1980s, so that the Afghans could beat back the invading Soviets.)

As citizens, we sometimes get irate about covert operations (when they come out) -- we say they shouldn't be doing secret stuff...they get railed at by some members of the press, and some people in Congress.

But if they didn't carry out some of these secret operations, we'd still be back in the days of the Cold War.

Why aren't we, the public, more supportive when govt. and military (which is govt., too) tries to do the right thing?  If we were nicer to them, they wouldn't have to do it in secret.

Well -- because things seem complex sometimes, and there's fear and uncertainty, and we "the people" are of course not experts on everything all the time.  Kibitzing and complaining and verbally hammering are a sort of fall-back position.

And think of it, while Democrats and Republicans and various political takers-of-positions-on-issues blame the other guy yadda yadda, this move to globalization (World Trade Organization, etc.) has been going on for decades regardless of which political party was in the White House, and regardless of which party had majorities in the congress.  It's been going in one direction, the whole time.

So -- while politicians pretend to disagree with each other on any topic they think will distract our attention, they must all be on board for globalization.  For the sake of world peace.

And remember another scene in Charlie Wilson's War, when Pakistan Pres. Zia tells Wilson, "I need to trust, that this arrangement will remain secret.  Pakistan and Israel will have to appear to be enemies, in the public eye."

One might wonder whether Republicans and Democrats assure each other of this, too:

"We'll have to appear to be enemies, in the public eye."


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