Tuesday, September 30, 2014

is that it? - that's it

Had thought Mark Twain said that; however Abraham Lincoln is credited...

Charlie Brown goes all existential on us....

...is what I always think.

That works.

Sort of.
Except in nightmares -- er, I mean, situations -- where someone else wants to be negative just as much as you want to be positive.

Years ago after a couple of horrible experiences, I said to my cousin Rick in passing, "I just don't know how to figure out some of these -- attitudes I'm encountering, & behaviors; like, what's the purpose?"

He said, "Well -- some people just - don't - want - to be happy."

I had sort of a simultaneous epiphany - or, two at once, one a question, and one a statement:

"Can it be that simple?"

"It is that simple."

(Head still reverberating from all that heavy thought...)

At one point, was in so much despair had to just watch a movie to at least put off despair for two hours.  Had Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho on videotape.

Realized during the movie, "I'm watching Psycho to -- cheer myself -- up." ????????????????????????  (what kind of sense does this make??)

A little later, thought,
"'I was watching Psycho to cheer myself up.'
That's like something Woody Allen would say."

("You try to be so perfect all the time; you think you're God!"
W. Allen:  "Well --uh, I have to model myself after someone!")

I got a notebook and some pens.


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