Wednesday, September 9, 2015

filter "tips"

The idea came to me that people's enthusiasms --



things we do when we're not working or sleeping --

sort of constitute filters through which we experience Life, and The World, by our choice....

"OK, let's put life through this many rare stamps have I collected?

Wait until I go hunting this weekend -- we have all our equipment ready!

I'm going to write a poem / song / movie about that!

My cat experienced the rainy day as nap-inspirational.

My dog was so happy to chase the ball and bring it back, it made me happy, too.

Sing about it
Dance about it

Write about the cat
Dance about love

Sing about politics!

("Everyone wants to back -- Jack, Jack is on the right track; 'Cause he's got high hopes; He's got high hopes, Nineteen Sixty's the year for his high hopes...")


What are the other words for "hobby" (since hobby has sort of fallen out of fashion and favor) --




venture (?)

enthusiasm...  I can't find that many synonyms:  maybe we are stuck with "things you do when you're not working or sleeping"...

Having a pet is a filter-on-life; even having a family is a "filter," though we don't think of our family as "a hobby" but rather a Priority. 

Still, it's a filter. 

Take two children to the park, and you have the direct experience of yourself at the park, and at the same time you have the interesting, filtered experience of what the two children each experienced at the park...what they communicate to you, and what you observe...

Take your dog to the park -- another filter.



Antique car collecting



making stained glass

looking at stained glass

photographing stained glass and publishing the pictures and accompanying information in a book


listening to music
playing the piano
playing the saxophone

other people's points of view (what screenwriters abbreviate as "POV") -- Let's read what George H.W. Bush thought about this topic; let's see what Keith Richards thought about it.

climbing a tree -- getting "a view from the top" ...

riding a horse
a bike
a motorcycle

World travel

I was thinking -- all these are "filters" through which we "press" Experience.


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