Tuesday, September 22, 2015

news story that makes people happy (Holy Moses)

If you go on Google and type in

the new york times pellmann,

you will encounter a story titled "100 Years Old.  5 World Records."

It's about the Senior Olympics guy:  click on the Comments, and they give you three tabs at the top, from left to right they are titled, "All," "Readers' Picks," and "NYT Picks."  The "Readers' Picks" is the one to read...

Today the first one, from David, said,
"I should probably go to the gym today."


A Reader Comment from Georgia:  This article has made my day.  What an inspiring man, and with a great inspirational story for younger people like me (age 68), who hope to emulate his success in living a long, full and happy life. ...Thank you, Mr. Pellmann and NYT, for this teachable moment.

Josiah Ambrose from San Francisco wrote, "Love this man.  I promise not to complain about anything for the rest of the day."

Peter in Massachusetts:  "Now that's a story!  What a terrific change from the doom and gloom of world events and politics in 2015!"

Brooklyn in the House in NY:  "Nike, meet Don Pellmann!  Just Do It!"

Hunt in Syracuse:  "I LOVE it!"

Mike in San Diego:  "Maybe this will help to debunk the ageist myths that exist in our culture."

Paul King, USA:  "Macaroni and cheese...  And not a spec of tofu."

mford, ATL:  "I'm printing that shot put picture and hanging it in my gym locker as a new motivational gimmick.  Every time I don't feel like doing it, I'll just look at Don...."

BenR, Wisconsin (in reply to Paul King):  "Here in Wisconsin that is health food."

Nancy in Great Neck:  "You rock!"

Joshua Folds, New York City:  "My goodness.  This man is made of steel.  What kind of diet did he maintain throughout his life?"

Longue Carabine, Spokane:  "Fried mac and cheese."


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