Thursday, January 14, 2016

"dis not nooz"

Writing about Gone Girl -- (there's a 2012 novel, and a 2014 movie) -- here, because Gillian Flynn's writing style in the book is good, I think -- unique and powerful. 

Like a lot of modern (current?) media, sometimes it's too harsh, coarse, vulgar, or rude for my tastes -- when I put excerpts here, sometimes the "..." means I'm leaving something out which is, to me, tasteless, yucky, or distressing --

other times the "..." means I just left out part because I'm giving a "Sample" to readers who may not have committed to reading the book, so I want to give light, glancing examples of Flynn's style, not repeating everything verbatim.

One horrifying thought occurred to me when I was getting ready for work today -- blow-drying hair -- what if someone read on my blog the interesting writing-style of Gillian Flynn and then said to themselves,

"Well I'll never have time to read the book, but let's rent the movie, honey, and watch it with the children!" : )  -- No!

no no nononononononononono!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Gone Girl is not for children.  This is a disclaimer, a forewarning, a "Yikes" you don't want.

The nice good happy part of this story, both book and movie, is the cat is OK at the end -- and at the beginning, and all the way through.  It is not a feline-in-jeopardy story. 

Ben Affleck picks up this big orange cat a couple of times, cradles him supine -- tummy-side up -- which many cats won't tolerate. 

(This one's a working Hollywood Cat -- "Ehi doo whad - evah'z-in dah contract" -- blink, yawn.)... 

Reading it the first time, the edgy, angry cynical tone of the prose made me worry about the cat.  But he's fine.)

One online reviewer of the Gone Girl film found this (below) and said, "Yeesh, this cat is even harder on Gone Girl than I was."



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