Tuesday, January 5, 2016

ninety-six tears

My goodness, what is this trend of grown-up men crying in public?  Grown-up public men. ...?  It seemed like former Speaker of the House John Boehner started this, and now it's President Obama. ...

Am I a terrible person?  Am I too old-fashioned -- too old, too young, too conservative, too liberal, too sexist, too prejudiced, too Neanderthal, to -- be supportive of this unexpected (by me) public male tearfulness?

It freaks me out. 

(Does this make me Archie Bunker?)

(Figuratively speaking...?)

Am I socially backward?  Politically incorrect?  Non-compassionate?  Am I an uptight bourgeois WASP with a hopelessly "middle-class" limited viewpoint?

(Can picture self being grilled by modern-type talk-show-hostess:  "You don't want to DENY these people the freedom to express their emotions, just because they're MEN, do you??  You wouldn't want to take away their freedom to cry in public, if that's what they feel...?"

(I -- uh -- I don't know -- maybe. ...)

I can't even bring myself to cut-and-paste photographs of these American leaders crying in public, here on my blog -- I'd rather put photos of them "in happier times."



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