Friday, January 22, 2016

you set it up so well

Thinking about the Eagles' music this week, because of Glenn Frey's passing being in the news...  "your smi-ii-I-lle -- defends the skies" the Eagles song "Lyin' Eyes" seemed to say to my teenaged listening ears, from the small town youth center jukebox --

it's actually "your smile -- is a thin disguise..."



Readers not well-acquainted with the Eagles' music, go on Google and type in these three song titles, one at a time, & listen to them on You Tube:

"Lyin' Eyes"
"Take It Easy"
"Peaceful Easy Feeling"

Now, make a Health Sandwich and / or have a beer.
There will not be a quiz on Monday.
(No, I do not know what a Health Sandwich is ...)


Bruce Weber wrote a Glenn Frey article in the New York Times (Jan. 18) -- Readers Commented-in...

Marine Todd, NYC ------------ I was recently in Myanmar and hired a driver/guide for the day.  We cruised around the countryside visiting temples and the driver randomly popped in a cassette tape of Eagles Live and was singing along, mostly catching up to words and phrases familiar to him.  I guess the Eagles aren't a half bad cultural ambassador.

Thomas Field, Dallas ---------------- Glenn, you can check out any time you like...but you can never leave.

historyguy, Portola Valley, CA ------------------- I've got a Heartache tonight.

Tom Sullivan - Encinitas, CA ------------------- Rather than a censorious St. Peter waiting at the Golden Gates, may he meet up with "a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford."

Thanks for contributing to the soundtrack of so many of our lives.

JP - Westcehster County, NY --------------- Last January, at the age of 58, I finally began chasing the lifelong dream of singing and playing acoustic guitar.  My inspiration, and first goal.....learn to play "Take It Easy".  Nuff said.

Craig - New York, NY ------------- I grew up with his music and the band's music.  I believe one of the key things that set the music apart was that it had imagery.  A quality that was rare even in its time and is almost entirely absent from today's music.  In fact, had MTV existed in the 70s it probably would have ruined this facet of the music which was best left to each person's imagination and interpretation.

Steve LaGattuta - Galien, Michigan -------------------- All of our lives were changed, and enriched, by their music.  Where ever you are Glenn, I hope you have "a peaceful, easy feeling" !

Expat - France ---------------- ...still crank it up every time I want to "Take It Easy."

One who remembers - NYC ------------------ I never really understood the anti-Eagles rhetoric; their music was cool and it had a calming sense to it...

Fairfax, VA ----------------- I owned the 8 track tape version and spent many times in the car with it on.  Those memories bring me back to a peaceful easy feeling for sure!

Allen in Plattsburgh, NY ------------------- ...a small piece of my youth, when there was optimism and promise...

Doug - Sacramento, CA --------------
"So put me on a highway....
"Show me a sign....
"And take it to the limit....
"One more time....."

Andrea - New Jersey ---------------------- I was born at the perfect time and that is, among other things, because of the music.  Love the 60's and 70's.

FJM - New York City -------------------------- Thank you Glenn Frey for founding one of music's most iconic bands - the Eagles.

Your music colored college memories and now, over four decades later, beloved classics continue to be enjoyed by new generations.

Can't believe you are, "Already Gone."  "Take It Easy," and hope you and your family have that "Peaceful Easy Feeling."

Northstar5 --------------------- Godspeed.  Your music will ensure you live on.  You checked out, but you will never leave.

Scott - NYC ---------------------- I'm 52, and I recall a time in the late 1970s when you could not get away from Eagles music on the radio or in any public space in this country.  I do not miss those days.

Candi, Texas ----------------- I dare anyone to try to drive through Winslow Arizona without breaking into song.

Barbyr - Northern Illinois ------------------
Another night
It's gonna be a long one..

Aurora, Colorado ---------------- Thank you for being where you were when you were to make this world a little more tolerable.

FFILMSINC - NYC ------------------ "Its going to be a heartache tonight, I know...."

jaimearodriguez - Miami, Florida ------------------------- As a 29 year old 'millennial', I am not the stereotypical Eagles fan.  In fact, I only got into them in 2011.  This said, they had a profound impact on my life as a newly minted American citizen.

I learned more about 1970's America, and the mindset of a generation from his music than from any University course I ever took.

RIP Mr. Frey.  Gracias por todo.

Sridhar Chilimuri - New York ----------------
But this voice keeps whispering in my other ear
Tells me I may never see you again...

EC Speke - Denver ------------------ The Eagles sound, for this listener, brilliantly defined white west coast Americana through the seventies.  Hotel California was a crowning guitar and lyrical triumph of excess and cultural ambivalence.  We were all "Already Gone" back then.  Thanks for the musical memories.

Ron - Chicago -------------------- Seems like most guitar 101 students learn a few Frey songs as the gateway to a new hobby, new career or just to get a bit closer to the music they love.  Sure after a few weeks you could be strumming "Peaceful Easy Feeling" but that only added to the mystery.  He was so good that it seemed easy but it wasn't since there was only one Glenn Frey.  Part of my soundtrack growing up in the 70s.  Thank You


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