Monday, January 11, 2016

swim like the dolphins

David Bowie, 1947 - 2016

Reader Comments

"His ability to transcend and articulate life in music and performance will always be with me."

"What a class act he was."

(MCS   New York)
"Artists now follow the dictates of a mass audience to enrich themselves.  David Bowie led by his own inspiration."

"...Most of all, Bowie was a class act, using his influence to help and guide talented, upcoming artists."

(New Jersey)
"We should all remember Mr. Bowie not just for his great art, but for the time (1970's) in which he/she produced most of it. 

For those of us that lived the 70's, the 70's was perhaps the most cynical decade of our lives: 

Vietnam, Watergate, cold war, gas lines, shortages, stagflation, foreign competition, NYC bankruptcy, Iran hostages, etc. 

We were being told that the Soviet Union was winning, and our era of world economic and military dominance and stature was over.  But, Bowie's art to me anyway was about stepping out and letting go by not clinging to the ideals of the past, which may not be so ideal after all. 

The 1960's was an explosive decade and the 1970's was about trying to find out who we were in a rapidly changing America after the explosion, and Bowie tried to say it was okay now to be something else





(reader comment) --
"I am going to put on my Let's Dance album, my red shoes, and dance the blues today; brace yourselves, neighbors."