Monday, January 4, 2016

right rough ones up north

You can see the photograph Twitter users are discussing if you type in,

"mayhem in Manchester, Joel Goodman photo"

Many on social media are saying it's a great photo, "like a beautiful painting" and comparing it to classic works by Renaissance painters.

Guardian readers Commented-In, on an article about the photo, some grousing that it "isn't art."  One of those to be answered with,

"You've never looked at a Caravaggio mate!"

other Reader Comments:

"Manchester City centre is a violent drunken mad house most nights of the week and twice as bad at weekends."

"Glasgow is thrice as bad on a Wednesday."

"Yeah, but with an admirable sense of style!"

"The streets are wet.  That's Manchester."

"The composition is vital, but it's the lighting that really makes it."

"Well said sir.  I occasionally fall down when intoxicated cursing well healed spectators and rueing my part in the breakdown of modern society as the ground comes nearer."

"But the policeman's shoe is 'next to' the head of the man being restrained.
Orwell told us that the image that encapsulated the future was that of 'a boot on a man's face'!"

"Extra points for bringing in a literary dimension."

"Brings to mind one of Grayson Perry's tapestries from the Rake's Progress series."

"Indeed, 'tis rather Hogarthian."

"Any weekend in Manchester........says a paramedic friend of mine."

"Exactly.  And just because we may be appalled by the subject matter does not prevent it being great art."

"Eh, some rite rough ones up north, eh?"

"It beats anything in the Tate Modern."

"Actually, not really - there are Rothko's, Richter's, Picasso's in the Tate Modern.  But it's still an interesting photograph."

"Apart from the composition, I love how one side is basically a cool blue and the other a more lurid yellow hue; this image works well on so many levels."


...another of Joel Goodman's photographs -- group of 3...


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