Wednesday, March 9, 2016

end the fiction, and on to Ohio

One thing about New York Times readers, they don't take "talking points" from their media source:  they yell at their own favorite paper...

Some NYT Reader Comments, last night and this morning:

Michael Thomas   Sawyer, MI
So Bernie wins in Michigan and the lead is it 'prolongs' the Democratic campaign for Secretary Clinton.
Come on NYT.  You're better than that.

William   nyc
The story is Sanders in Michigan and you ignore it all night.

Come on NYT.

So disappointing.

Martha Shelley   Portland, OR
Just yesterday the NY Times was telling us that Clinton would win a landslide victory in Michigan, and Sanders was history.   Um, is this on the same level as the 1948 headline in the Chicago Tribune, "Dewey Defeats Truman?"

blaine   southern California
When are the Republican elites going to 'get it' that their voters don't really like them any more and probably haven't for decades.
Fix the middle class, guys, or one way or another you're history.

RLS   Virginia
Sanders is a once in a lifetime candidate:  he's honest, he's not a flip flopper, and he's running a campaign of the people, by the people, and for the people.

alchemist oxford   oxford, uk
Very poor coverage of the big story of the night - Bernie Sanders beating Hillary Clinton in the rustbelt state Michigan.  The rustbelt does not trust Hillary Clinton - and for a very good reason - NAFTA.  The dynamics of the Democratic race have just been transformed.  Michigan is a gamechanger.

Anna   VT
NYT, how can you pretend to be a world class news source with the blatant bias you have shown throughout this democratic primary season.  It disgusts me.  You are part of the corruption Bernie's supporters are voting to change.


Sanders - AND THE TRUTH - win in Michigan.

Clinton - AND LIES ABOUT AUTO BAILOUT - lose in Michigan.

When will the Clintons ever learn?

Bernie, congratulations!!

rjd   nyc
After tonight's results, it would appear that if the GOP Establishment still wants to stop Trump perhaps they should now consider endorsing him for the nomination!

That seems like the only logical thing left to do in order to get the voters to turn against Trump.

Tim Kane   Mesa, AZ
Michigan:  Thank you.

View from the hill   Vermont
If memory serves (correct me, please) in 2008 super delegates were also lined up behind Clinton.  Then as Obama surged they started peeling off.  So her lead when superdelegates are counted may evaporate again.

Kevin Cahill   Albuquerque
Sanders has won in almost all of the states that Obama carried in 2008 and 2012; Clinton has won mainly in the Southern states which the GOP has won in every election since 1968.  The DNC should wake up:
Sanders is the better candidate.

Michael   North Carolina
Unless I missed it, Clinton has not won in a state not fully expected to go red in November.  If I am correct, I smell big trouble in the general.  President Trump, anyone?

Behold the revolution!  The people of Michigan have spoken.  They are not buying what Clinton, her corporate donors and media backers are selling.

Listen up, Democrats....Why destroy the party by undemocratically supporting Clinton through superdelegates and risk the meltdown the GOP is going through?  Clinton is now the unelectable candidate.  Adjust.  Accept.  Get ready for President Sanders, a true Democrat.

MikeC   New Hope PA
If Sanders is the Democratic party nominee, get used to saying President Trump.  Yikes!
(see how Trump never criticizes Sanders and saves his attacks for Clinton.  Trump would very much prefer Sanders to be his opponent, because he knows he can easily defeat Sanders in the general by going full attack mode on him then)

DanInTheDesert   Nevada
I think it is very rude of Sanders to keep winning while we are trying to have a conversation about how his campaign is finished.

Lisa Morrison   Portland  OR
I can only imagine the point spread if Bernie had received the media coverage we voters deserve.

Janice Badger Nelson   Park City, Utah, from Boston
If Hillary and Bernie were switched, you would have called it for her already in Michigan.  CNN is going the same.  Sorry, the big story, even if Hillary squeaks out a narrow win, the BIG story is how well Bernie Sanders is doing.  Of course by reading the NYTimes, you would never know.  Sad state of honest journalism.

Champaign IL
Don't let the South decide the Democratic nominee.

Billy   up in the woods down by the river
This Michigan upset by Sanders over Clinton may prove to be historic.

Eddy90   New York, NY
What an amazing upset by Mr. Sanders. ...We can't trust the media and the pundits.  On to Ohio!!

Bernie Sanders with a UPSET WIN, you have the headline but you show a pic of Trump.  This paper has been extremely dismissive of Mr. Sanders, and your bias has been on display from the start. ...

mike   manhattan
Bernie received almost 40% in Wayne County --Detroit, so let's end the fiction that Bernie can't win the African American vote. ...

Tasia Edwards   San Francisco, CA
If it's Bernie vs. Trump, I will vote for Bernie.  If it's Trump vs. Clinton, I will vote for Trump.  It's that simple.  We need someone who cares about the working class and doesn't cater to the Establishment.

lou Andrews   Portland Oregon
They made deals with Clinton long ago.  Just about all major liberal media outlets are owned by big corporations.

David Gregory   Deep Red South
Bottom line:
Take away the African American vote in the old south and Hillary is a non-candidate.  She is strong in states the Democrats will not carry come November.  This despite having a huge advantage in name recognition, endorsements - including the NYT and WaPo, money and all the rest.

If the goal is to win in November, Democrats had better wake up. 
As of this writing, NBC just called Michigan for Bernie where Hillary was supposedly up by 10+ Points.
(10:35 PM CST)

#FeelTheBern   #NotReadyForHillary

The clown car on the Republican side is of no consequence.  Bernie will wipe the floor with Trump.

Eric   Chicago
...Sanders just won the state.  The victory is stunning.  I strongly urge the pundits to revise their inevitability narrative and let the voters decide.

Los Angeles,CA.
Sen. Bernie Sander's lasting legacy will be that of having introduced idealistic principles to a new generation of young Americans.  His is a voice of an enlightened consciousness and it's fast making The United States of America stronger for the ages.  For that reason, Bernie Sanders is truly a great American.

Philip S. Wenz   Corvallis, Oregon
"...threatening to prolong a Democratic campaign that Hillary Clinton appeared to have all but locked up last week."

HA!  Appears to the NY Times to have all but locked up.  You guys really do need to get out more

Clinton lied about Bernie not voting for the Auto bail out and Michigan saw right through her lies.

mef   nj
Kudos to Hillary Clinton, favorite of the Republican South!

David Eason   Denver
Clinton's loss in Michigan heralds a Sanders sweep in the "rust belt," possibly extending to Pennsylvania and beyond.

Clinton, neoliberalism's last champion, is losing.  The choice now is between the democratic socialism of Sanders -- or the national socialism of Trump.

David   California
Hillary is strong in solid red States that will not yield any Democrat electoral votes.

George   NC
Who are these super-delegates?  And how do we get out from under them?

Howie Lisnoff   Massachusetts
It seems that the newspaper of record will have to take a more careful look at its slanted election reporting.  The degree of poor and irresponsible journalism from the New York Times regarding the Democratic primaries is astounding!...All power to the 99%!


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