Tuesday, March 8, 2016

in an elevator with Ray Rice

3.8.16  Reader Comments in the Guardian:

___  I can't ever remember an American Election as intriguing as this one.  I'd love to be there rather than London at the moment.

___  54 private jets fly to a hedge fund island to brainstorm how to stop Trump.  Lol Trump must be doing something right.

___  The elites already screwed the lefts champion of change Bernie, only fitting to start taking out the champion of the right Trump.  NO Clinton, NO Cruz

___  Juillette - Yet they remain ardent in support of somebody who they know will be governing only on behalf of the 1%.  Unless they're actually paid members of Hillary's campaign or corporate donors themselves, these have to be some of the most mixed-up individuals around.

___  Joel Kramer - I think the viscount referred only to her being a paid tool of the 1%, for which there is ample publicly-available evidence.  (Be it big banks, hedge funds, Big Pharma, Walmart, ad infinitum)

___  Robert Hickson - I'll trust Flint, Michigan's tap water, Bill Cosby's drinks, and elevator rides with Ray Rice before I trust Hillary Clinton.

___  D. Kingsworthy - Here in Michigan I wait until the end of work, whereupon I will throw my vote into the Kasich bucket.... God bless us Michiganders, but we are stupid to vote for Trump. 

This train wreck of an election, if it results in a Trump presidency, will be a greater testimony against my generation's national political decisions than anything seen in any previous generation.

___  Volkerelle - and that is saying something

___  Ferret Top is the Regressive Party racist, bigoted, fascist, and ignorant.  Its id run amok and they're at a complete loss on how to contain him.

___  Lester Smithson - Excellent:  Neil 'Savings and Loan' Bush is joining team Cruz, in case there is any question where this is all leading.

___  StayingCivil - Words have power...and Trump's hateful rhetoric has "lit a fuse of hate" that could conceivably make the 1960's look like a Sunday picnic.  Just look at his rallies for proof of this.  If you love your country....no matter what political party you belong to....you will stand up and say "NO to Trump".

Save America....Dump Trump..

___  toggy 12 - "Save America....Dump Trump.."
Nah, save America - Vote Trump.

___  StayingCivil Scrabbly - Because Trump has done nothing but "gin" up their anger with "hate" rhetoric. 
He appeals not with policy discussions...but with targeting their emotions.
he is a "con" man and his supporters are "rubes" in his game.

___  toggy 12 - "targeting their emotions"
No, responding to their concerns.  Vote Trump.

___  1011 - Good to see Trump surging in the polls again.  And nice to see the people taking back power from the political and media elites.

___  Carl123 - nice to see the people taking back power from the political and media elites...

and giving it to a mendacious egomaniacal billionaire.

___  Whatsup12 - Better 4 years of trump and a soul search of the DNC then 8 years of Hillary and more neoliberal BS followed by who knows how many years of republican presidencies

___  pretzelattack - which I suspect is by design; either way, as long as the corrupt establishment candidates win, we get these horrible "free trade" deals, more wars, more government spying.  just say no.

___  Lester Smithson - I'm not a Trump voter, but he'd better start spending and up his national presence, and soon. 

Cruz is a nasty piece of work and he's going to eat Trump for breakfast. 

I think the reach of a Twitter campaign has come to an end. 

the Donald has to face the grim reality that he's about to be out organized and out spent.

___  AlanD999uk - Whilst I think Trump is a complete loon, us Brits shouldn't belittle his ideas too much.

There's an alarmingly large group of vocal, navelgazing Brits that would probably support the notion of a huge brick wall built round the country, at the moment!  Scary thought!

___  librocrat - What is more scary is the Merkel borders, its like a terrorist autobahn.

___  Marcedward - What about a wall in the Channel, and make the French pay for it?

___  SeekandYouShallFind - The public is watching the media spin supporting the establishment.  I've never seen so many people realise the con that is attempted to be pulled by the media.  Who will fill the void if the media loses all credibility?  The problem is, 90% of the media is controlled by a handful of corporations.  The public is being betrayed.

___  WTF?  Write the Guardian editors, oh wait, they won't give a duck.  Tell the Young Turks.

___  They don't care.  The media doesn't care about the truth.  It's just a clicks for ad revenue nowadays.

___  Exactly.  There's a CNN video out there showing how they edited a response from Sanders to make it look like he was agreeing with Clinton. 

They deliberately cut out the rest of his comment calling out Clinton on another issue....  The millions who would have seen the broadcast will outweigh the few thousand that saw the full exchange. 

They are desperate to fix the result.  They did the same to Ron Paul when he was doing well. ...

___  TaiChiMinh - I am not a fan of Obama.  But damn I wish he had 4 more years during which time both parties could try to get their shit in order so we could have a decent election to replace him.

___  Gunnison - Mitt Romney's speech deriding Republican frontrunner Donald Trump as "a phony" and "a fraud" did his cause more harm than good, according to a poll released this morning.

Well of course it did.

The Trump insurgency is an expression of several things, not least a massive animosity to establishment politics as usual. 

Why anyone in the GOP party bunker would have imagined that trotting out a quintessential establishment politician, and a losing one at that, would have any other effect is beyond belief.

And that animosity is one of the ingredients fueling Sanders' insurgency too, since that wind is blowing across the entire political prairie,

not just in wingnuttistan, so why the Democrat party establishment should be so smugly confident in the prospects of their own "chosen one" -- HRC is the very quintessence of an establishment candidate -- is something ordinary Dems should be worrying about more than they are.



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