Friday, March 25, 2016

Running Amuck Media, Inc.

[Reader Comments on

"The Mutual Dependence of Donald Trump and the News Media"

The New York Times

written / Jim Rutenberg

March 20, 2016]

> Rsalt    Massachusetts
____  By enabling Trump with all this free coverage, the media actually has created its own nightmare of a candidate.  Thanks, guys.

> Neildsmith    Kansas City
So if the media hype is all about ratings... and ratings are all about ad revenue for the media companies, then I eagerly await the analysis that shows how this advertising actually works to generate sales. 

Surely there is a better way to sell a product than to destroy civilization as we know it with hatred and conflict.  Surely...

> KJ    Portland
The sad part is that we have to pay outrageous cable rates to be subjected to endless commercials that provide the enormous profits to the networks that are selling our democracy down the river.

How different is this from the capture of families who must pay exorbitant prison phone call rates (discussed in today's op-ed) just to stay in contact with loved ones?

And the "Place for Politics", MSNBC, can run Lock Down when it is not profiting from Trumpet.

Please media journalist, explore that connection.

> Jean
So, when will the mea culpas start?  When President Trump starts his program of widespread censorship of the press?  It will be too late, then.  History will show this was a period of shameful media negligence in the face of a real threat to democracy and the First Amendment.

Citizen Kane

> NYT PICK   Mpalfreyman4    Leno
The New York Times is complicit in this.  As an entity whose advertising revenue is based on eyeballs and clicks, it seems pretty clear from the # of times the word "Trump" appears in the headlines and the first paragraph of an article that the Times is using search engine optimization to strengthen its profitability vs. editorial integrity.  It's smart business for the media, but stupid over the long term in terms of the well-being of our country.

> langelotti    Washington D.C.
And here I am clicking, reading, and commenting on a NYTimes article with Drumpf's name in the headline.  Well played, NYTimes, well played.

> Longleveler    Pennsylvania
If Bernie Sanders had received the same press coverage as Trump, everyone would now be predicting a Sanders landslide. 
Trump is a monster created by the press.
The media profits from other people's tragedies.  Will they profit from a tragedy of their own making?

> Beantownah    Boston MA
Trump is laughing all the way to the White House.  As the Times itself noted recently, he has received almost a billion dollars' worth of free advertising from the mainstream news outlets, who explode with indignation at every flippant over the top remark he makes.  He is literally a man with nothing to lose.  And he is running a campaign that only a post-modernist (or maybe a Dada-ist, or maybe both?) could love.

> Elizabeth    Ca
And what about you, NYT?  You, too, have featured Trump on a daily basis (while ignoring Bernie Sanders for the first half of this election season.)  Stop giving this bully free publicity!  You've contributed to the feeding frenzy.

> Devin    Los Angeles
NY Times included...

> Monroe    Santa Fe
Suddenly the NYT is sensitive about Media Bias?  That is rich considering their blatant prejudice for Hillary Clinton and against Sanders.

> David    California
Trump's campaign has been propelled all along by the media attention he gets by being the biggest clown in the show.  He is no different than Sarah Palin or Joe the plumber, and the media cannot resist his buffoonery.