Thursday, March 10, 2016

this wonderful debate

I think it speaks well of modern America that no one seems to be having much of a cow about Bernie Sanders being Jewish.

In 1960

some people wanted to have a cow about Kennedy being Catholic:  during the campaign he met (I think in Texas) with a group of Protestant ministers to -- I guess -- assure them that if elected he wasn't going to, like, let the Pope run it....

In 2008 and beyond, looked to be like cattle futures on the Chicago Board of Trade

might have suffered precipitously plunging prices,

what with all the folks giving bovine birth, over Obama being elected.


Viewing day-later video of Clinton-Sanders debate in Florida,

and listening to the translations, I had this picture of our country as a happy, enlightened, and unprejudiced place.  Which is the same picture I always have, Yay.

I enjoyed how one of the moderators recapped, calling it "this wonderful debate."  And when Sen. Sanders had his closing remarks he echoed that -- "this wonderful debate."


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