Wednesday, March 30, 2016

we marvel...

When we puzzle and wonder and try to figure out from whence came the crazed-bullying behavior that we see more of in our society now, various reasons seem to suggest themselves.  I think I made a list here, a while ago....

It's occurred to me more than once that as modern society has evolved and domestic abuse is no longer ignored / tolerated, maybe some people who need to have a power trip by harassing and bullying, simply transport that behavior into their workplace and do it there, instead of at home.


As the early part of the presidential campaign goes forward, it sometimes feels as if we are in a Wilderness of Weirdness.

Today's NYTimes headline,

"Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump's Campaign Manager, Is Charged with Battery"

was followed by a paragraph - summary:

"His formal arrest was detailed in a police report that cited new security-camera images showing Mr. Lewandowski pulling a reporter out of his way after Mr. Trump spoke in Florida on March 8."


One Reader comment said,

"Lewandowski seems to rough up women and little guys.  He has yet to pick on a 300-pound NFL-size bodyguard or spectator."
 > E. Mainland    California

"Sorry, but the only victims here are those of us who read the story.  Trump's rallies are where the lowest common denominators converge, so it is hard to feel sorry for any of them, even Fields because sounds like she was being passive-aggressive to someone who is clearly angry.  Not a good mixture.

It's why I want Clinton."
 > PS    Massachusetts

"I marvel at Trump's luck and the continued incompetence of the media."
 > Bill    Austin, TX



is what I say...


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