Friday, March 3, 2017

19 out of 10 thousand

"    "

Your story sounds wrong.

That's too bad.  Got a better one?

Maybe I can find one.

Blood.  Quite a lot of blood.
Is that so?
I think we'll let the police in on this.  We'll have some law.
Yeah.  Why not?

Who are you, soldier?
Marlowe's my name; I'm a private detective.
Who's the girl?
A client of mine.  Geiger tried to throw a loop on her, so we came up here to talk things over.
Convenient, the door being open when you didn't have a key.

Yeah, wasn't it?  By the way, how'd you happen to have one?
That any of your business?
I could make it my business.
I could make your business mine.
Oh, you wouldn't like it.  The pay's too small.

EDDIE MARS:  All right.  I own this house.  Geiger's my tenant.  Now what do you think of it?

PHILIP MARLOWE:  You know some nice people.

-- I take them as they come.

{The Big Sleep, 1946}



The American Conservative

"Seven Reasons Police Brutality Is Systemic, Not Anecdotal"

July 2, 2014

--------------------------- [continued] ----------------------- 3.  Consequences for misconduct are minimal.

In central New Jersey, for instance, 99 percent of police brutality complaints are never investigated.  Nor can that be explained away as stereotypical New Jersey corruption.  Only one out of every three accused cops are convicted nationwide, while the conviction rate for civilians is literally double that. 

In Chicago, the numbers are even more skewed:  There were 10,000 abuse complaints filed against the Chicago PD between 2002 and 2004, and just 19 of them "resulted in meaningful disciplinary action." 

On a national level, upwards of 95 percent of police misconduct cases referred for federal prosecution are declined by prosecutors because, as reported in USA Today, juries "are conditioned to believe cops, and victims' credibility is often challenged." 

Failure to remedy this police / civilian double standard cultivates an abuse-friendly legal environment.

4.  Settlements are shifted to taxpayers.

Those officers who are found guilty of brutality typically find the settlement to their victims paid from city coffers.  Research from Human Rights Watch reveals that in some places, taxpayers "are paying three times for officers who repeatedly commit abuses:  once to cover their salaries while they commit abuses; next to pay settlements or civil jury awards against officers; and a third time through payments into police 'defense' funds provided by the cities." 

In larger cities, these settlements easily cost the public tens of millions of dollars annually while removing a substantial incentive against police misconduct.

5.  Minorities are unfairly targeted.

"Simply put," says University of Florida law professor Katheryn K. Russell, "the public face of a police brutality victim is a young man who is Black or Latino." 

In this case, research suggests perception matches reality.  To give a particularly striking example, one Florida city's "stop and frisk" policy has been explicitly aimed at all black men. 

Since 2008, this has led to 99,980 stops which did not produce an arrest in a city with a population of just 110,000.  One man alone was stopped 258 times at his job in four years, and arrested for trespassing while working on 62 occasions.  

Failure to address this issue communicates to police that minorities are a safe target for abuse.

---------------------------- [2014.  The American Conservative]


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