Wednesday, March 29, 2017

governmenet 0 : Navalny 1

Lately topics I would like to blog about seem to tumble over each other and rain down on my head, like that picture from Alice In Wonderland with the playing cards rising up behind her....

The Big Sleep (film, 1946) had been following discussions of other topics here, peppering lightly through with the razor-sharp, silver-subtle noir dialogue which, along with Max Steiner's musical score, makes that commanding film sparkle.

Then Chuck Berry died, and I wanted to type about his music.  Father of rock and roll; he is the man.  Of course we can play his music when we want, and analyze and enjoy his art anytime, whether he is alive or dead, but a person feels pulled toward the tradition of reverent recognition and contemplation when someone passes on. 

He was 90 years old, and still doing some performing, close to home (St. Louis), and apparently there's even an album coming out....

I was aggravated with myself because I looked up lyrics to his song, "Rock and Roll Music" and I typed here on my blog, the lyrics I found -- one part sounded wrong, to me, but I printed it anyway because I double-checked it with another site, and said, "Well -- ok..." 

But these sites are not be-all, end-all authoritative sources of information and apparently they just copy each other, and print wrong lyrics over and over and all over the place!

In "Rock and Roll Music" I typed in what I found --

"Way down South they gave a jubilee
The jokey folks, they had a jamboree"

"Jokey folks" -- ??  That's not even and expression!!  I listened to the song four times -- it says,

Way down South they gave a jubilee
The country folks, they had a jamboree
Drinkin' homebrew from a wooden cup
The folks dancin' got all shook up --

And started playin' that rock and roll music
Any old way you choose it...

Conclusion:  the way to get lyrics is, go to a lyrics site, copy what they have, go home and put the music CD on and listen to the song with the website lyrics on paper in your hand, and then change the words that are wrong, make them right, and there you go.  (Now who's a scientist...? - ha ha)

Then after Chuck Berry had taken over from the police brutality problem and The Big Sleep, the Moscow and St. Petersburg protests

roiled into view, "troubling my sight" to paraphrase Yeats:  yesterday's New York Times had a story titled, "In Protests, Kremlin Fears a Young Generation Stirring" -- some of their Readers Commented.


b.a. dubois    New Hampshhire
--------------------- Finally, some encouraging news from Russia.

Dave    San Diego
---------------- Honestly, I'm shocked this hasn't happened sooner to the authoritarian regime of Putin.  What does he deliver for his people?  The Russian economy has been in the dumps, and Putin hasn't done anything about it, except to make himself the richest man in the world.

Mike C    Chicago
---------------- Be careful, young Russians, he's a murderer.  Video and post everything you can, as quickly as you can.

Detached    Minneapolis
-------------------- Putin wonders, if he throws 10,000 protesters off a hotel balcony, would people believe it was suicide?

Syd    Hampton Bays, N.Y.
------------------------ Give the people what they want -- fair and accountable governance.

Trauts    Sherbrooke
------------------------------ Navalny and these young Russians impresses me greatly with their bravery.  Hopefully the future rewards them.  Hopefully Putin, Trump, and the GOP are all punished with no mercy by the future and by history.

Stefan    Lancaster, New Hampshire
------------------------ It was the attitudes of young people that finally brought an end to the Soviet regime.  So it's no surprise that again it is the healthy skepticism of youth that is calling for a new, more open course.

Al Maki    Burnaby
------------------- It's so strange to think that if or when the Russian government falls, the current US administration will be out of allies.

Patrick    NYC
---------------------- In a strange sort of way Trump may be the impetus for these protests.  His election strips away any feeling of complacency in a place like Russia that freedom and democracy are alive in some great nation to lead the world to a better place.  When even the American President is a lapdog of Putin's, it is just time to strike for freedom or die.

Mark    Boston
---------------- I pray for Russian spring!  A-N-Y-O-N-E would be better than the thug who spends his evenings and mornings floating in his swimming pool thinking of new ways to disrupt the world just for kicks.  Oh and there is zero chance of mother Russia being put back together again Putin.

GH    California
----------------- ...Am anxiously waiting for Trump's tweet admonishing Russia for trying to suppress protestors....

Corbin Doty    Minneapolis
-------------------- "A previously apathetic generation..."  sooner or later this could happen here.  We certainly have our own unabashed corruption, and 37 years of Reaganomics is roughly equivalent to 17 years under Putin. ...

------------- Navalny's video ... 13M saw it.  That's 10% of population of Russia.  Everyone under 20 saw it.

Government 0 : Navalny 1

Government forgot that younger generation doesn't watch TV ...

Navalny's safety hinges on his popularity.  He is at great risk.

S    MC
-------------------- The boomers need to loosen their stranglehold on politics and the economy or there will be massive social disturbances.  Russia isn't the only country with massive problems with corruption and a leadership (in government AND in business) that is more interested in lining its own pockets than anything else.

Wichita, Kansas
---------------------------- Occupy Red Square.  My very best wishes.

Dan Myers    San Francisco
--------------------- Dear Russian Youth:  Overthrow Putin.

John    Hartford
----------------------- Let's be clear here.  Russia is a gangster state run by a bunch of ruthless and corrupt ex KGB kleptocrats. 

They are completely hostile to the West in general and the US in particular. 

We have to deal with them as we had to deal with the Soviet Union and many other unsavory regimes because they exist. 

However, let's never forget they want to do us harm and the fact that the current administration has questionable ties to them should be a matter of concern for everyone although many Republicans seem to have abandoned any proper sense of where the national interest lies.

Clancy    NY
-------------------- To the young freedom loving people of Russia don't stop protesting!  It is a beautiful thing to behold!  We are with  you!



impressionist painting by Kazimir Malevich, in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg


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