Wednesday, March 8, 2017

make your business mine

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TV    Indianapolis, Indiana
------------- The A-C-A WAS the Republican compromise.  It was the plan that allowed an essentially free-market with some restraints to make sure that the playing field was even and that everyone had the same coverage, that risk was spread through the mandate, and that those who couldn't afford were helped to afford it.

The new GOP plan is nothing without the mandate.  The tax credit will never cover the cost of a premium if there is no risk-spreading, and without the mandate there can be no risk spreading. 

The GOP is playing politics with people's lives.  Repealing for repealing's sake.  Enough Mr. Ryan.  This is the only thing I agree with Trump on.  Everybody should be covered.

------------------------- [on NYT story, 3.7.17, "House Republicans Unveil Plan to Replace Health Law"]


Excuse the casual entrance.  The bell didn't answer.  Mr. Geiger around?

We don't know where he is.  We found the door open and just stepped in.

Friends of his?

Business.  We dropped in for a book.  Any message if he comes back?

No, I don't think so.

We won't bother you --

Just a minute.  The girl can go.  I'd like to talk to you.

Suppose I don't want to talk to you?

I've got two boys out in the car. 

Oh, it's like that, eh?  Run along, angel.

Your story sounds wrong.

That's too bad.  Got a better one?

Maybe I can find one.

(lifts the corner of a rug, to see a large dark stain) -- "Blood.  Quite a lot of blood.

I think we'll let the police in on this.  We'll have some law."

Yeah, why not?

Who are you, soldier?

Marlowe's my name.  I'm a private detective.

Who's the girl?

A client of mine.  Geiger tried to throw a loop on her, so we came up here to talk things over.

Convenient, the door being open, when you didn't have a key.

Yeah, wasn't it?  By the way, how'd you happen to have one?

-- That any of your business?
-- I could make it my business.
-- I could make your business mine.
-- Oh, you wouldn't like it.  The pay's too small.

All right.  I own this house.  Geiger's my tenant.  Now what do you think of it?

You know some nice people.

I take 'em as they come.  Got any good ideas?

One or two.  Somebody gunned Geiger.  Or somebody got gunned by Geiger, who ran away.  Or he had meat for dinner and likes to do his butchering in the parlor.  (a wry chuckle) -- No -- I don't like it either.  Maybe you'd better call downtown.

I don't get it.  I don't get your game.

Don't you, Mr. Mars?

Wondered why you didn't ask me who I was.  You're telling me Geiger was in a racket of some kind.  What racket?

I wouldn't know.  But I'll tell you something you missed.  Somebody cleaned out Geiger's store today. 

MARS:  You talk too much.

MARLOWE:  You really got those boys outside?


"The language of film noir is extravagant, and very satisfying."...

~~  Lawrence Kasdan, writer and director, Body Heat


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