Wednesday, March 1, 2017

the earth is definitely flat

EDDIE MARS:  Just a minute.  The girl can go.  I'd like to talk to you for a --

PHILIP MARLOWE:  Suppose I don't wanna talk t'you?

MARS:  I've got two boys outside in the car.

MARLOWE:  O-o-h-hh -- Oh, it's like that, eh?  Mm hmh.

Run along, angel.


US tourism experiences a 'Trump slump'
ran a Guardian-UK headline yesterday.

Some of their Readers Commented:

-------------- faded Glory   
I was considering a US holiday this year but now I won't.

I have a raft of very Arab-looking Egyptian stamps in my passport, from business travel, and don't want to risk any nonsense from the immigration officers about that.

---------------- tranmere1966
This is just Mexican, Brazilian, New Zealander and Singaporian propaganda to try and get you to go there instead.

I await for the man himself to announce that Tourism is up in the States, Occupancy Rates at all his hotels is running at 99.99%, and he is running a special news conference later, to selected right wing media folk, to announce that the Earth is flat.

--------------------- radical
Yes there is nothing more uplifting than the JFK welcome, 'STAND IN LINE I SAID STAND IN LINE NOW MOVE FORWARD I SAID MOVE FORWARD PUT YOUR INDEX FINGER HERE, NOT THERE HERE OK MOVE ON...oh have a nice day'

---------------------- MikeRichards
That's a blatant falsehood about American immigration.  They never say 'have a nice day'.

Or 'goodbye', 'enjoy your stay', 'thank-you for coming' or any other words of welcome.

-------------------- Seamus Gallen
I usually do "pre-clearance" in Dublin, where the officials are a little more civilised.  Once landed, you walk straight through, without let or hindrance.

---------------------- Joe King
Bingo!  They're jumped up little Hitlers at JFK abusing their power.  Always a deeply sour start to any visit to the States - Christ knows what they'd be like if they thought I was a Muslim.  Awful, awful people - and a shameful first impression of America.

------------------------- GnomeSocks22
Sounds more pleasant than the Dulles airport welcome.  (Being detained while 3 TSA slooooooowly search through your suitcase and scrutinise your UK passport like it's written in ancient Babylonian).

---------------------- Currently we live 6 months out of the year in New Mexico - a state with so much space, it's unbelievable.  But I have never seen so many NO TRESPASSING signs in my life, even in the middle of nowhere - it's pathetic - and I think a lot of people should be examined - seriously!  Something is wrong with this attitude...

------------------ Partly the problem is American men have been buying more guns and bullets than ever before in recent years so you know that if you get into an argument with a Yank there's always the possibility he might pull out a f&#%ing gun and shoot himself in the foot while he tries to blow your 9 year old grandson away.
------------------ Ridiculous, how often have you argued with a local when abroad, let alone to the point of him wanting to shoot you?
----------- "how often have you argued with a local when abroad, let alone to the point of him wanting to shoot you?"

Isn't that half the fun of being British?

-------------------------------------------- [hitlers at JFK airport] -------------- I've only been twice in my life.  The first time I innocently but mistakenly moved forward to the passport checking booth too soon (i.e. when the person just checked had moved on) and I was shouted at and asked where had I come from and what did I think I was doing. 

Thankfully some nice people behind me shouted that I'd come from the front of the queue.  It was mortifying.

----------------------------- 'Yes there is nothing more uplifting than the JFK welcome...'
Try Oakland if you want to see American efficiency at its direst.

---------------------- A friend told me that the immigration officers themselves are purposely trained not to engage in small-talk and be austere, in part to avoid being influenced and in part to avoid the possibility of being accused of bias. ...

------------------------- The only time I was ever treated civilly at JFK was during the Iraq War, when the immigration officer praised Britain's allegiance to the US-led coalition and disparaged certain other "so-called allies" that had declined to get involved. 

Spinelessly, I decided it wasn't the time or place to express my different view on the subject.

------------------- You don't get screamed at in the UK.

------------------ koushixinfei
I've avoided the US like the plague for the past 20 years.  What I'm not surprised about is the recent reports of crass, insulting, boorish behavior by the rednecked illiterates parading as Border Guards.  It's absolutely nothing new, it's been like Zimbabwe for the past couple of decades.

------------------- DavinlBell
US Customs checks have always been a nightmare of rudeness and suspicion.  I was once given the gimlet eye at Houston airport for having an old Vietnam visa in my passport.  With Trump I fear it'll be even worse.
----------------- Micksturbs
Try having stamps from Qatar, Bahrain and Morocco...  We weren't quite at the point of 'cavity search', but it was a close call.
----------------------------------------------------- alan280170
I call bullshit, I have a Chinese, Saudi, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar amongst others and have been flying through LAX and IAH with no problems for years.


Blogging Congress (continued)

New Mexico

District 1    Michelle Lujan Grisham     Democrat
District 2    Steve Pearce     Republican
District 3    Ben R. Lujan     Democrat

New York

District 1    Lee Zeldin     Republican
District 2    Pete King     Republican
District 3    Thomas Suozzi     Democrat
District 4    Kathleen Rice     Democrat
District 5    Gregory W. Meeks     Democrat
District 6    Grace Meng     Democrat

District 7    Nydia M. Velazquez     Democrat
District 8    Hakeem Jeffries     Democrat
District 9    Yvette D. Clarke     Democrat
District 10    Jerrold Nadler     Democrat
District 11    Daniel Donovan     Republican
District 12    Carolyn Maloney     Democrat

District 13    Adriano Espaillat     Democrat
District 14    Joseph Crowley     Democrat
District 15    José E. Serrano     Democrat
District 16    Eliot Engel     Democrat
District 17    Nita Lowey     Democrat
District 18    Sean Patrick Maloney     Democrat

District 19    John Faso     Republican
District 20    Paul D. Tonko     Democrat
District 21    Elise Stefanik     Republican

District 22    Claudia Tenney     Republican
District 23    Tom Reed     Republican
District 24    John Katko     Republican
District 25    Louise Slaughter     Democrat
District 26    Brian Higgins     Democrat
District 27    Chris Collins     Republican

North Carolina

District 1    G.K. Butterfield     Democrat
District 2    George Holding     Republican
District 3    Walter B. Jones     Republican
District 4    David Price     Democrat
District 5    Virginia Foxx     Republican
District 6    Mark Walker     Republican
District 7    David Rouzer     Republican

District 8    Richard Hudson     Republican
District 9    Robert Pittenger     Republican
District 10    Patrick T. McHenry     Republican
District 11    Mark Meadows     Republican
District 12    Alma Adams     Democrat
District 13    Ted Budd     Republican

North Dakota

At Large    Kevin Cramer     Republican

Northern Mariana Islands

At Large    Gregorio Sablan     Democrat


District 1    Steve Chabot     Republican
District 2    Brad Wenstrup     Republican
District 3    Joyce Beatty     Democrat
District 4    Jim Jordan     Republican
District 5    Robert E. Latta     Republican

District 6    Bill Johnson     Republican
District 7    Bob Gibbs     Republican
District 8    Warren Davidson     Republican
District 9    Marcy Kaptur     Democrat
District 10    Michael Turner     Republican

District 11    Marcia L. Fudge     Democrat
District 12    Pat Tiberi     Republican
District 13    Tim Ryan     Democrat
District 14    David Joyce     Republican
District 15    Steve Stivers     Republican
District 16    Jim Renacci     Republican


District 1    Jim Bridenstine     Republican
District 2    Markwayne Mullin     Republican
District 3    Frank Lucas     Republican
District 4    Tom Cole     Republican
District 5    Steve Russell     Republican


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