Tuesday, February 28, 2017

nuts and friendly people

Eddie Mars:  I guess you think I'm dumb.

Philip Marlowe:  Just average, for a grafter.


A headline in
The Guardian - UK:

US tourism experiences a 'Trump slump'
Reader Comments on the article:

----------------- There are plenty of other nice places to visit in the world where you won't spend hours being bullied and interrogated at the border and don't have to worry about being shot, either by criminals or by the police.

Why take the risk?

------------------------ RockSmithlol    BS.  The yanks have always been snotty about who they let in, try going if you have a bust for weed.

------------------------ Dunebug   RockSmithlol    That is a shame considering you can legally light up in some states now.

----------------------- Why would you want to go to America?  There's nuts with guns everywhere.

----------------- Amazing countryside.  Friendly people.

I did a road trip there (east to west) a couple of years back.  Had an incredible time.

Having said that I would hold off for a year and wait till everything settles down a bit.  :-/

---------------- 4 years.

--------------------- Trump's dump.  This creature will create so many problems before he has finished offloading his bizarre ideas.
------------------- Like protecting the US population and putting them back to work?  Not that bizarre, I'd say.
---------------------------- Charliedaz    Oh no, that opening has put a vision in my mind that I wish I could shake off.

---------------------- Eh?  US unemployment is less than 5%, isn't it?  That's better than the entire 'boom' period of the 80s under Reagan.

And protecting them?  I thought he was against gun control?  'Cos there's far more danger to Americans from legally-possessed guns than there is from terrorism.

-------------------------- Maybe I'll go when he's here for his "state visit".
------------------- There will be work to be done here if he does come.
Will the strange woodland creature that lives on his head be quarantined?

-------------------------- Stay in UK, go to his visit, and turn your back on him.

--------------------- dam ned    This is a complete nonsense story.
I just wish I could afford to holiday in America.

------------------ I wish you could too...To experience the American border process is to truly see how far a once great nation has fallen.

------------------------ Not surprised.

I flew to NY for work two weeks ago on United and I have never been on such an empty plane.

Everyone had a row to themselves and there were still empty rows.  Lucky if it was a third full.

Personally I wondered if I would look back on it the way someone visiting Germany in 1934 might have done.  If it wasn't a long-standing work commitment I wouldn't have gone.
------------------------ James Parsons    When do you think Trump will turn on the Brownshirts and have a 'night of the long knives'?

-------------------- Get a grip.

---------------------- Never see the sun then NY is for you.  They need to demolish Manhattan and put a tree up.

---------------------- Too many lunatics running the asylum for my liking and it's getting very expensive to go there.


Blogging Congress (continued)


District 1    Richard E. Neal     Democrat
District 2    James McGovern     Democrat
District 3    Niki Tsongas     Democrat
District 4    Joseph P. Kennedy III     Democrat
District 5    Katherine Clark     Democrat
District 6    Seth Moulton     Democrat
District 7    Michael E. Capuano     Democrat

District 8    Stephen F. Lynch     Democrat
District 9    William Keating     Democrat


District 1    Jack Bergman     Republican
District 2    Bill Huizenga     Republican
District 3    Justin Amash     Republican
District 4    John Moolenaar     Republican
District 5    Daniel Kildee     Democrat
District 6    Fred Upton     Republican
District 7    Tim Walberg     Republican

District 8    Mike Bishop     Republican
District 9    Sander Levin     Democrat
District 10    Paul Mitchell Republican
District 11    Dave Trott     Republican
District 12    Debbie Dingell     Democrat
District 13    John Conyers Jr.     Democrat
District 14    Brenda Lawrence     Democrat


District 1    Timothy J. Walz     Democrat
District 2    Jason Lewis     Republican
District 3    Erik Paulsen     Republican
District 4    Betty McCollum     Democrat
District 5    Keith Ellison     Democrat
District 6    Tom Emmer     Republican
District 7    Collin C. Peterson     Democrat
District 8    Rick Nolan     Democrat


District 1    Trent Kelly     Republican
District 2    Bennie G. Thompson     Democrat
District 3    Gregg Harper     Republican
District 4    Steven Palazzo     Republican


District 1    William "Lacy" Clay Jr.     Democrat
District 2    Ann Wagner     Republican
District 3    Blaine Luetkemeyer     Republican
District 4    Vicky Hartzler     Republican

District 5    Emanuel Cleaver     Democrat
District 6    Sam Graves     Republican
District 7    Billy Long     Republican
District 8    Jason Smith     Republican


At Large    Ryan Zinke     Republican