Monday, February 27, 2017

working for the public

"You don't put on much of a front, do you?"

~~  "There isn't much money in this business, if you're honest."

The Big Sleep


An article on The American Conservative website entitled "Seven Reasons Police Brutality Is Systemic, Not Anecdotal" lays out this list:

1.  Many departments don't provide adequate training in nonviolent solutions.

2.  Standards for what constitutes brutality vary widely.

3.  Consequences for misconduct are minimal.

4.  Settlements are shifted to taxpayers.

5.  Minorities are unfairly targeted.

6.  Police are increasingly militarized.

7.  Police themselves say misconduct is remarkably widespread.


Blogging Congress (continued)


District 1    Raul R. Labrador     Republican
District 2    Mike Simpson     Republican


District 1    Bobby L. Rush     Democrat
District 2    Robin Kelly     Democrat
District 3    Daniel Lipinski     Democrat
District 4    Luis Gutierrez     Democrat
District 5    Mike Quigley     Democrat
District 6    Peter J. Roskam     Republican
District 7    Danny K. Davis     Democrat
District 8    Raja Krishnamoorthi     Democrat

District 9    Jan Schakowsky     Democrat
District 10    Bradley Schneider     Democrat
District 11    Bill Foster     Democrat
District 12    Mike Bost     Republican
District 13    Rodney Davis     Republican
District 14    Randy Hultgren     Republican
District 15    John Shimkus     Republican
District 16    Adam Kinzinger     Republican
District 17    Cheri Bustos     Democrat
District 18    Darin LaHood     Republican


District 1    Peter Visclosky     Democrat
District 2    Jackie Walorski     Republican
District 3    Jim Banks     Republican
District 4    Todd Rokita     Republican
District 5    Susan W. Brooks     Republican

Congresswoman Susan Brooks examines policing issues

District 6    Luke Messer     Republican
District 7    Andr√© Carson     Democrat
District 8    Larry Bucshon     Republican
District 9    Trey Hollingsworth     Republican


District 1    Rod Blum     Republican
District 2    David Loebsack     Democrat
District 3    David Young     Republican
District 4    Steve King     Republican


District 1    Roger Marshall     Republican
District 2    Lynn Jenkins     Republican
District 3    Kevin Yoder     Republican
District 4    Mike Pompeo -- Vacancy     Republican


District 1    James Comer     Republican
District 2    S. Brett Guthrie     Republican
District 3    John A. Yarmuth     Democrat
District 4    Thomas Massie     Republican
District 5    Harold Rogers     Republican
District 6    Andy Barr     Republican


District 1    Steve Scalise     Republican
District 2    Cedric Richmond     Democrat
District 3    Clay Higgins     Republican
District 4    Mike Johnson     Republican
District 5    Ralph Abraham     Republican
District 6    Garret Graves     Republican


District 1    Chellie Pingree     Democrat
District 2    Bruce Poliquin     Republican


District 1    Andy Harris     Republican
District 2    C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger     Democrat
District 3    John P. Sarbanes     Democrat
District 4    Anthony Brown     Democrat
District 5    Steny H. Hoyer     Democrat
District 6    John Delaney     Democrat
District 7    Elijah Cummings     Democrat:

District 8    Jamie Raskin     Democrat


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