Wednesday, February 15, 2017

a good leader does not "pass the buck"

From today's Opinion Pages, NYT,

"On the Road to Another Watergate?"

By Tim Weiner

The article begins:

Michael Flynn's sudden resignation from the National Security Council may seem unprecedented.  It's not.  But the consequences of his conduct may lead the United States into uncharted waters,

and can be read Online.

I keep thinking of the famous little sign that sat on President Harry Truman's desk, which read,

"The buck stops here."

President Trump needs to call a halt to the chaotic "dress rehearsal" and get this "act" together.


Reader Comments

Ben    Florida
-------------- This is worse than Watergate.  Nixon didn't hire North Vietnamese to break into DNC headquarters in exchange for an end to the war.  Trump did get the Russians to hack the DNC in exchange for lifting sanctions.

Nixon's entire campaign wasn't manufactured by an enemy of the state and carefully coached to influence public opinion to benefit that enemy.

Joe Barnett    Sacramento
--------------------- The acting Attorney General informs Mr. Trump that General Flynn was lying about his conversations with the Russians and that he might be susceptible to blackmail. 

Mr. Trump waits two days and fires the acting Attorney General and tries to cover up Flynn's lies for three weeks until he is forced by the press to fire Flynn. 

Did Pence know he was being used to lie to the American people, were they all in on these conversations from the first dial tone?

Newman1979    Florida
-------------------- Watergate is child's play compared to the possibility of treason in the White House.

Ed    Washington, DC
-------------------- Another Watergate?  Precisely, Tim.  What did the President know, and when did he know it?  That's the question that a special prosecutor, appointed in a bipartisan manner, needs to answer.

Clyde    Pittsburgh
------------------ The current discussion about why people are leaking is moot.  Clearly people inside the intelligence community are scared.

Scared for their nation. 

They are not traitors, but patriots. 

Many of them know that they are the only ones who might be able to stem the red tide that has engulfed the entire Trump administration.

Linda    Oklahoma
------------------- Trump asks, "Why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington?"
The answer to his question is:  Because Trump and his staff are compulsive liars and the only way the public is getting the truth is through leaks.

Umberto    Westchester
------------------ Why should we trust Comey to lead the FBI investigation when he sabotaged the election in favor of the Con Man?

Mark C. McDonald    Atlanta
------------------- As in 1974, the Commander in Chief is the biggest liar of them all.  In fact, he lies so much and effectively, that the American people scarcely notice it any longer.  His deceit is instinctual, automatic and impulsive and sooner or later will get him, and us.

Waterismorepreciousthanoil    Oakland
---------------------- I add my voice to those saying that we need Congress to empanel a bipartisan investigative body with the legal authority to subpoena Trump's tax returns. 

This concealment of a candidate's financial info is a bizarre departure from the norm, and there must be a reason behind it. 

If it's nothing illegal or unethical, just something embarrassing personally to Trump, we will have done him a favor by removing the suspicion about his Russian financial obligations....

David Gifford    Rehoboth Beach, Delaware  19971
----------------------- Those aren't leaks Trump is seeing but protected whistle-blowing from those decent Americans, who care enough about this country to expose the truth.  A Democracy cannot thrive on lies and subterfuge.

Roger    Pennsylvania
----------------- It's time for the investigators of the current mess to revisit the question asked by Watergate committee chair Sam Ervin:  'What Did the President Know, And When Did He Know It?'

Charles    Holden
----------------- This whole situation is scary and unprecedented in my lifetime.  We have a mentally ill president who might be compromised somehow with the Russian Kremlin.  And he has surrounded himself with inexperienced and ethically compromised people. 

This is the fruit of the Republican "revolution" that started with Gingrich in the '90s.  That is when they started blatantly putting their party over the country....

Equilibrium    Los Angeles
----------------------- Everyone should get on the phone to their Reps and Senators, Governors, and to McCain, Graham, and Hoyer, and keep pushing....

MK    Connecticut
------------------------------ I think the paddy wagon should be rolling up to the White House about now and gathering Trump, Pence, Spicer, Bannon, Conway, Miller & Priebus for questioning.  It should also make a stop at the State department and pick up Tillerson.

Stu Freeman    Brooklyn
-------------------- So now the question is:  What did the President know and when did he choose to ignore it?

PF    Southold NY
---------------- Martha Stewart was sent to jail for lying to Federal investigators.

Ken Calvey    Huntington Beach, California
-------------------- Until fairly recently the NYT has been reluctant to use the word lies in response to Mr. Trump's lying repeatedly.  How long will it take for the Times to apply the word treason to describe what is happening here?   



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