Tuesday, February 14, 2017

...toil, trouble, a day's work...

"Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser Over Talks With Russia"

>>  NBC News headline

------------------------- A Reader Comment on the Flynn story, in The Guardian, UK:

Trump is a terrible flaw in US democracy.  The wrong guy at the wrong time.  Even he seems to be feeling out of place.  Maybe he could just resign for health reasons or to spend more time with family in these later years.

"Those he commands move only in command,

Nothing in love.  Now does he feel his title

Hang loose about him, like a giant's robe

Upon a dwarfish thief."

Macbeth, act 5, scene 2


One has to breathe somewhat of a sigh of relief, after reading, some places, rants, or reader comments batting madly at the last reader comment above it, rapidly descending into name-calling -- and then, turning to the Guardian, those Brits break out their Shakespeare, to Comment, instead. 

(Was the Reader probably quoting that from memory without looking it up?? -- Yikes, must get to reading...)

(The Riot Caused by A Performance of 'Macbeth')

The Oval Office
by Roy Lichtenstein   


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