Thursday, February 23, 2017

in your hat

"...Then she tried to sit in my lap while I was standing up."

~~  Philip Marlowe in The Big Sleep



Two topics to hit, today:

pillbox hats, and


Not that one would want to "hit" Congress.  (Squinting eyes thoughtfully, one eyebrow arched...)

1.  Pillbox Hats.  A week ago, this blog was contemplating Bob Dylan's song, "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat" - when I was in grade school or junior high, I would once in a while hear the term "pillbox hat" and would wonder what that was.

[excerpt, Jackie Style, by Pamela Clarke Keogh] --------------- The pillbox hat.  Has there been another fashion accessory so memorable, so debated, so utterly associated with a public figure?...

The most surprising thing about Jackie [Kennedy] and hats is that she did not even like them -- but in the 1950s, hats were part of the proper uniform for the wife of an up-and-coming politician.

...Although it is hard to imagine now, until the late 1960s hats were a very big deal in fashion, as essential to completing an outfit as shoes. 

In 1961, Halston and Ethel Frankau, the head of the custom salon at Bergdorf's, traveled to Paris and viewed seventeen complete couture collections plus five devoted solely to hats.

Bergdorf's had the largest millinery workroom in the United States.  The designer Adolfo...remembers 40 women sewing only hats. ...  [end, excerpt] ---------------------

Mrs. John F. Kennedy

Doris Day "in" pillbox hat

Audrey Hepburn in the 1963 film, Charade
(could this have inspired Bob Dylan's song?)

Grace Kelly wearing pillbox hat in 1954 Hitchcock film, Rear Window.  At left:  James Stewart

blue pillbox hat on Princess Diana


Today's Topic number 2.

We're going to blog Congress, here.  List every representative in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Not all in one day / post:  there are many.  So will keep going until all have been mentioned.  Alphabetically by state -- Alabama to Wyoming.

The thing that surprised me when I first perused the list was how many places that are not one of the 50 states are represented in Congress's Lower House --

American Samoa

District of Columbia


Northern Mariana Islands

Puerto Rico, and the

Virgin Islands.

------------------------- Congress = the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Senate has 100 Senators, two from each of the 50 states.

The U.S. House has numerous Representatives (or, Congressmen and Congresswomen), based on population.

So -- we start here, with Alabama:

District 1    Bradley Byrne     Republican
District 2    Martha Roby     Republican
District 3    Mike Rogers     Republican
District 4    Robert Aderholt     Republican
District 5    Mo Brooks     Republican
District 6    Gary Palmer     Republican
District 7    Terri A. Sewell     Democrat

At Large    Don Young     Republican

American Samoa
At Large    Amata Radewagen     Republican

District 1    Tom O'Halleran     Democrat
District 2    Martha McSally     Republican
District 3    Raul Grijalva     Democrat
District 4    Paul A. Gosar     Republican
District 5    Andy Biggs     Republican
District 6    David Schweikert     Republican
District 7    Ruben Gallego     Democrat
District 8    Trent Franks     Republican
District 9    Kyrsten Sinema     Democrat

District 1    Rick Crawford     Republican
District 2    French Hill     Republican
District 3    Steve Womack     Republican
District 4    Bruce Westerman     Republican


District 1    Doug LaMalfa     Republican
District 2    Jared Huffman     Democrat
District 3    John Garamendi     Democrat
District 4    Tom McClintock     Republican
District 5    Mike Thompson     Democrat
District 6    Doris O. Matsui     Democrat
District 7    Ami Bera     Democrat
District 8    Paul Cook     Republican
District 9    Jerry McNerney     Democrat
District 10    Jeff Denham     Republican
District 11    Mark DeSaulnier     Democrat

District 12    Nancy Pelosi     Democrat
District 13    Barbara Lee     Democrat
District 14    Jackie Speier     Democrat
District 15    Eric Swalwell     Democrat
District 16    Jim Costa     Democrat
District 17    Ro Khanna     Democrat
District 18    Anna G. Eshoo     Democrat

District 19    Zoe Lofgren     Democrat
District 20    Jimmy Panetta     Democrat
District 21    David Valadao     Republican
District 22    Devin Nunes     Republican
District 23    Kevin McCarthy     Republican
District 24    Salud Carbajal     Democrat
District 25    Steve Knight     Republican
District 26    Julia Brownley     Democrat
District 27    Judy Chu     Democrat

District 28    Adam Schiff     Democrat
District 29    Tony Cardenas     Democrat
District 30    Brad Sherman     Democrat
District 31    Pete Aguilar     Democrat
District 32    Grace Napolitano     Democrat
District 33    Ted Lieu     Democrat

District 34    Xavier Becerra - Vacancy     Democrat

District 35    Norma Torres     Democrat
District 36    Paul Ruiz     Democrat
District 37    Karen Bass     Democrat
District 38    Linda Sanchez     Democrat
District 39    Ed Royce     Republican
District 40    Lucille Roybal-Allard     Democrat

District 41    Mark Takano     Democrat
District 42    Ken Calvert     Republican
District 43    Maxine Waters     Democrat
District 44    Nanette Barragan     Democrat
District 45    Mimi Walters     Republican
District 46    J. Luis Correa     Democrat
District 47    Alan Lowenthal     Democrat
District 48    Dana Rohrabacher     Republican

District 49    Darrell Issa     Republican
District 50    Duncan D. Hunter    Republican
District 51    Juan Vargas     Democrat
District 52    Scott Peters     Democrat
District 53    Susan Davis     Democrat