Thursday, February 9, 2017

tell me how your head feels under somethin' like that

Today an article in the New York Times, headlined "Jeff Sessions Confirmed as Attorney General, Capping Bitter Battle" attracted 440 Reader Comments; one, from George Ovitt in Albuquerque, said this:

----------------- There are, I think, two positive consequences of Mr. Sessions' confirmation hearing:  the first is, or should be, that Democrats will at last give up their fond hopes -- hopes that somehow persisted through the Obama years -- that there is such a thing as "bipartisanship." 

The days of cooperation for the common good, of a sense of responsibility to the nation and not just to a party, are long gone.  Democrats need to stand together to fight against an extremist agenda and stop worrying about civility, just as the Republicans have.

The second potentially positive consequence is the Republicans' ham-handed ideologues (like Ryan and McConnell) are driving moderate Democrats and the politically disengaged to become involved in our governing -- the volume of phone calls and emails over DeVos and Sessions is but one indicator of this fact. 

My acquaintances who never even read the newspaper are waking up -- at last! -- to the threat posed by an out-of-control minority party. 

Let's hope this engagement continues and the crazies are driven from office in the interim elections.

And finally, if the Democrats do manage to return to power, I pray that this time they will wake up to what is going on in our country and govern in the name of the people, and not, as they have been inclined to do, for the sake of the wealthiest among us. ------------------------------ [end, Reader comment]

This Comment brings several thoughts to mind:

One, advice to "stop worrying about civility" never draws my enthusiasm, magnet-like...civility is paramount, in my opinion, and do-able -- cost-free!  Setting a good example for other countries, etc.

Two, the Republicans, who don't have to "return to power," but are actually "In Power," could also  make the choice to "govern in the name of the people, and not, as they have been inclined to do, for the sake of the wealthiest among us." 

And if Republicans do not make this choice, then should we be asking the reason why, sooner rather than later...?   


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