Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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With the rich and mighty -- always a little patience.
~~ Spanish proverb

Yesterday here I was thinking about the amusing, tone-deaf labels the "rich and mighty" put on Americans who work for a living:  let's see, it was "ordinary folk" -- and "the little people." 

Then today, came across "the least among us" and of course the old standby -- "average." 

The "average people."  ('The ones who are not as GOOD as ME because they aren't at the right trough where they can Hog as much Money as -- Me.  Ahhh -- me-e-eee...!'  [Program ends abruptly as cartoon-character is washed away on implacable sea of its own Smugness -- vhzzzztt!])





...Must keep a running list...

Also recently discussed here was the impression had by some of us that -- the working people "got the bill" for globalization.

In today's New York Times Hillary Clinton wrote a short essay discussing some of her plans and ideas for our future if she's elected: 

one Reader Comment from David Doney said, "Mrs. Clinton should not assume the case for free trade makes itself, as it is the U.S. working and lower class that have suffered at the hands of globalization, with only the consolation of some savings at Wal-Mart. ----------------------------- [end, Comment]

Oh, there's another description-label of me and other working people:  "lower class."  (Add to running list...)

(And don't even get me started on the term "unskilled" work -- that is another topic for another day...To borrow a quote from Woody Allen -- "I need a large polo mallet...")

But the Reader Commenting also made my point about who got the bill -- he says we "suffered at the hands" -- I would put it as -- we got the bill.  Globalization costs could have been spread evenly and fairly among Americans. 

Why would the people in charge of big corporations, and in charge of governing, exempt themselves from paying their share of the (job) costs of globalization? 

I thought they believed in personal responsibility....Yet somehow -- mysteriously - their own careers seem to have remained -- safely -- sheltered. ...


Several Reader Comments admonished the former First Lady to "stop telling us to visit your website" -- TELL US WHAT YOU PROPOSE TO DO!!  (lol)

("Visit our lovely we-e-e-b -- site...!" 

-- YOU go flipping VISIT something...!!")

Other Reader Comments:

Justice Holmes
I don't know if I should laugh or cry.  The woman who is running for president and who supports the TPP (yes she does!) wants to make sure there are good paying jobs!


She is so happy that the global poverty rate is down! 

Well she isn't running for president of the globe! 

Isn't that really the problem with our politicians....their cities or states or even the country isn't big enough for them, they want to be international leaders, dealing with big sexy issues. 

They aren't interested in the concerns of the residents in their cities, states or countries....

Praiseworthy goals ... but too few details as to how to achieve the goals ... unlike Bernie Sanders who offered both goals & specific plans, all shot down by the Clintons, their big money backers, and the NYT.

An entire generation is drowning in student loan debt.  Half of those under 35 still live with their parents. 

They aren't buying houses, getting married, investing, or contributing to the economy. 

Their job prospects are abysmal and even a decent paying job can't get them out from student loan debt. 

Fix this problem. 

Come up with a real plan for loan forgiveness.  Then these elusive jobs you claim you're going to create might make a difference. 

You are so tone deaf and disconnected from the average American and our struggles day to day to stay afloat.  Your Hamptons fund raisers further confirm this disconnect.  You are going to lose this election.

Dear all, this is an op-ed piece of around 750 words and a statement of intent -- not a White Paper.  Anything coming from the other candidate other than lies, innuendo, insinuation and half truth?  No, I thought so.

Bucks County, Pennsylvania
The Clintons' welfare reform is responsible for the largest number of homeless women and children since the Great Depression.  I see nothing in this letter to address that.

Anne Russell
Wrightsville Beach NC
Dear Hillary,
Please please please initiate a period (2 years) of required National Service for all Americans, choosing social service, environmental service, or military service, an investment made by each of us above age 18 in the spirit of "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, much as FDR did with WPA. 

This would provide much-needed jobs which benefit everyone.  And all immigrants should be required to participate, as their ticket to living in America.  Please do this when you are President.

Sargent Shriver, JFK's first director of the Peace Corps

(When that last commenter suggests "National Service," it made me think of the Peace Corps. ...)

And part of the National Service could be cleaning up pollution.  Sugar business in Florida, plus others...

Signing off for today,

I remain,

Ever and faithfully yours,

Little, Least, Average, Ordinary, and (Best of All!) -- Low   

: )

Best to ya --


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