Wednesday, September 28, 2016

blaming the microphone

We have to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.

~~ Hillary Clinton


Idea for positive Law Enforcement reform:

The L.E. candidate must have a four-year college degree.

  ~~  The degree can be a B.A. or B.S.

  ~~  The degree must be earned by attending the college or university physically, in person.

  ~~  The degree must be from a nonprofit, or land grant, or public, or private, or research institution.

  ~~  The graduate's major and minor can be in any subject or area of study, except "law enforcement" or "criminal justice."


The goal of this concept of L.E. candidacy is to weed out the head crackers.

     An aside:  As Bob Dylan has pointed out,

"Words have their own meaning, or they have different meanings and words change their meaning.  Words that meant something ten years ago don't mean that now. 

They  mean something else. ..."  When I say "head crackers" I'm using the phrase in the earlier way that people used it, mid-20th-Century.  In the Raymond Chandler novels,

"cops" were sometimes cartoon-style tough (at least I hoped / assumed / hoped it was a cartoon, and not based on reality...) and in Chandler's "hard-boiled" stories, these officers might (metaphorically or literally) "crack heads" or hit the P.I. with a "sap" ...

In the documentary One Bright Shining Moment someone (I think it was Frank Mankiewicz) says that at the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968, during the police riot in the streets, "if you were against the Vietnam War, you got your head cracked."

...If you Google "head crackers" what comes up is references to the drug called "crack" and referring to users as "crack-heads."  (I guess the Internet speaks 21st Century English, while I speak some 21st-Century English, and some 20th-Century English.  Whoa!  Does that mean I'm bi-lingual?!)

When I say, "The goal of this concept of L.E. candidacy is to "weed out the head crackers" I mean "head cracker" in the Raymond Chandler - Frank Mankiewicz

Mankiewicz, left; Bobby Kennedy, right - 1968

left:  George McGovern; right:  Mankiewicz - 1972

style:  we want to weed out any potential L.E. candidates who, at heart, might be bullying brawlers who really just want to "crack heads."

Oh, and I guess there's another whole "quagmire" -- what did I mean by "weed"?...(groan) --  my recommendation for L.E. hiring standards of course did not refer to what Woody Allen called, in Annie Hall, "major hallucinogenics" ...