Tuesday, September 13, 2016

is everything a lie?

Broken lines, broken strings
Broken threads, broken springs
Broken idols, broken heads
People sleeping in broken beds
Ain't no use jiving
Ain't no use joking
Everything is broken
    ~ Bob Dylan

Since reading the New York Times story exposing the corrupted research about sugar and "fat" I've become overwhelmed with reading about sugar -- apparently there are three kinds of sugar that we eat, which we must worry about:

1)  Any sugar we actually sprinkle on anything

2)  Any sugar that's already in something that we think isn't sugary, such as catsup, salsas, canned soup, etc., and

3)  Any food we eat which is A) not sugar, B) we didn't sprinkle any sugar on it, and / but C) it turns into sugar after we eat it, such as, apparently -- bread and fruits and vegetables!  (WTH??)

(Aaaaaauuuuuggggghhhhhhh!)  If the sugar does not kill us, the information and research and WORRY will.

Then there are the Florida Everglades.  by many accounts, Big Sugar is not their friend.

Not to mention these apparently lying scientists at Harvard.

I'm beginning to get de-impressed by Harvard.  I used to be very respectful and very dazzled, but more often recently when news stories seem to lean on recommendations or research from this institution, after reading, I find my mind dancing with question marks. 

A few years ago, some unfortunate woman who was in the news with a "scandal du jour" was said to have graduated from Harvard, and on reading some of her statements, I found myself involuntarily thinking, "This person graduated from Harvard?" 

Because the things she said just sounded shallow and nonsubstantive.  (Those are the same thing, I guess.  But my alma mater is not "Ivy League" so am not claiming to be at pinnacle of world....)

(Me:  "The woman's statement was shallow, and had no substance!"
BOTH of those?  Really?

It occurred to me back then, puzzling over how such a person would even get into Harvard let alone graduate, that maybe some people who go to Harvard and other Ivy League schools aren't sincerely seeking education, but rather might be seeking Social Acceptance of Themselves By Others, based upon the "Label." 

Harvard.  Har. - Vard.  Like Coach, Aigner, Fendi, Manolo Blahnik, Chanel, Jordache...

If this is a trend, then in future, having a good Ivy League school background could potentially, (and weirdly), work in reverse, giving the graduate less credibility, rather than more....


Dismay rampaged through the Reader Comments on the sugar article, for several reasons, one being, Can we trust any research?

Alice Dreger of East Lansing, Michigan, wrote, "Meanwhile the current NEJM leadership is trying to roll back transparency on funding, openly justifying conflicts of interest."

"Gen-Xer" commented:
Forget Harvard.  We already knew that that once-august Hall of Academe had turned into just another corporation. 

Paying obscene salaries of top executives (they call them "administrators," but it's the same thing), inflating the tuition bubble to the point that only the 1% can afford to send their children there...without...crushing, lifelong debt,

continuing the practice of "legacy admissions" (aka "alumni brats")...not even pretending anymore that its admissions process bears any relationship whatsoever to a meritocracy.

Just forget Harvard.  But The New England Journal of Medicine?  The very apex of peer-reviewed reporting on medical research? 

What's left of human civilization when people cannot trust even the supposedly most exacting of scientific journals?

When even the information purveyed as "science" is a heap of corrupt lies -- designed specifically to make the super-rich ever richer by killing everyone else -- the pillars of civilization have all been knocked flat to the ground and broken into rubble.

Geo Chandler
Los Alamos, New Mexico
Sugar = Tobacco

R.C.W.    Heartland
Harvard owes America $100 billion for the death and disease that this pro-sugar propaganda caused.

So they lied!  An isolated incident I'm sure.
By the way.  How did Marijuana get to be made illegal?

How did all those folks, seeking a safe, healthy alternative to alcohol, end up in prison?

You do know that, since Tricky Dicky Nixon, a trillion dollars has gone down a rat hole, just to placate Prohibitionists. 

One lie after another, after another....................

"By today's standards..."  What year were ethics first discovered?

Dr. Dillamond
Thanks to the Times for this article.  This shows the absolute necessity of a free press

Sugar will be bigger than asbestos and tobacco in terms of class action lawsuits.  We should be on guard for their attempts to prevent getting their just desserts.



Dishonest business executives and dishonest research professors are a dangerous combination.  This sort of collusion needs to be eliminated.  What are science journals and academic institutions doing to prevent this from occurring again?

We need to stop giving so much respect to "top" journals and Harvard professors.  Question everything (including The New York Times.)

The same cozy relationship between industry and scientists is shaping our current debate on the safety of GMOs.

we don't know what all we can believe.  Is everything a lie?

Brian 108
Mother Jones Magazine broke this story about the sugar industry and ties to Harvard years ago.  This is not new information.

George C.
Portland, Oregon
2 + 2 is 5 when money and status are at issue....

Jacksonville, Florida

Don't get me going. 

Not only is this latest disclosure about the Sugar Industry influencing the Dept of Agriculture a travesty, the bad behavior of "Big Sugar" goes way beyond this. 

They have been polluting the state of Florida with the discharges from their manufacturing for decades,

as the elected officials accept Big Sugar's generous donations to their campaigns,

turning a blind eye

and leaving the waters fouled and the everglades in grave danger. 

It's like they are untouchables.  I'm sick to death of this...over and over and over.  STOP SUGAR SUBSIDIES NOW!