Tuesday, September 20, 2016

voting them all out

A September 19th opinion piece in the New York Times written by Roger Cohen, is titled "The Age of Distrust."  It begins, "I have a profound respect for the intelligence of the voter."

Further in, he writes, "No wonder experts are increasingly viewed as being in the business of bamboozling for their own ends. 

Ordinary folk reckon the system is rigged, that elites are not in it for the people but, rather, the money.  This is the Age of Distrust.  No two presidential candidates have ever been as distrusted as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton...."

The article can be read online.

I love it when they call us -- the people -- "ordinary folk."  I also love it when they call us "little."  The "little people."  And I say I love it because I do not love it.

Our public discourse seems to just devolve, to have less and less maturity, substance, professionalism, or value.


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