Wednesday, May 25, 2016

disturbance in the atmosphere

- postmodern poem -

Sam Cooke without a shadow of a doubt


Slate blue cloud-cover advances from the west

Voices on the phone skip greetings and identification

Disembodied in the atmosphere,

They simply ask for someone,

Sans quantification,

Talking into a world busted open with connectivity,

While the slate blue clouds come East,

And birds fly West


Bob Dylan Rolling Thunder Revue

photographs from 1976

announced to be presented in

a new book;

Comments from Guardian Readers:

"Quite possibly the greatest period from the greatest solo artist of all time"

"Agreed 100%"

"Or not - the greatest solo artist of all time is Joni Mitchell - Dylan himself will tell you that"

"She's unlistenable"

"Sam Cooke - without a shadow of a doubt"

...and we think to ourselves, it's like politics,

Back and forth, back and forth,

And different things have different meanings

to different people


The world has opened

While the sky darkens, and

lowers --



an abrupt, chilly drop in temperature,

And power-billows of sweeping rain

drive us indoors

*   *   *




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