Monday, May 16, 2016

second gear

Watching Season 10 of "Friends" I thought of Donald Trump, when Phoebe Buffay does an impression of Estelle, Joey's agent

-- she pronounces the word "huge" as "yuge" -- Google "yuge" and there's an article about why presidential campaigners Trump and Sanders both pronounce it that way -- regional thing, parts of New York, Philly, and -- Ireland....

Thinking of the show "Friends" and Mr. Trump in relation to one another, I found myself wondering, "Could Trump -- be  any less presidential?!"

Imagined Phoebe as a sort of role model for Trump -- which would be, in history, the first time I've ever thought of a presumptive nominee for the office of president from a major political party as possibly adopting "Phoebe Buffay" as a reference point --

but there's a first time for everything...and Phoebe has characteristics he could learn from:  she's kind, resourceful, and at times very very silly -- oh wait, he's got that one covered...