Thursday, May 5, 2016

"pretzel" support

With the ascendance of Donald Trump in the nominating process, some dismay has spread among the electorate. 

Several Republican officeholders were quoted in the press:  they would "support" but not "endorse" Mr. Trump. 

Some news-readers interpreted this as putting party loyalty above what is good for our country.

Eric in Tucson Comments in to the NYTimes, "Insisting that loyalty overrides common sense is exactly how things went south in Germany in the '30s."

Someone from the Bronx wrote, "Donald Trump is America's version of Silvio Berlusconi from Italy. Both dominated the media and as a result folks think these guys know it all. Now that's the power of advertising!"

------------------------ I think "the Bronx" offers an interesting thought, there.  However, I'd add two mini-points to that:

1.  I think people (not only Americans, but the entire human race) are going to soon "get over" being influenced by advertising, because there's too much of it, on too many channels, stations, and internet sources.

2.  It seems like maybe some of what we see as "craziness" and "buffoonery" in the current nominating contest is caused by people's relative newness, and inexperience, with what the experts call "connectivity." 

Because people can talk-talk-talk, everywhere, Comment, Tweet, Chirp, cell-phone, Bluetooth, yadda yadda, some of them do it too much, and it goes too fast.  People get offended over silly things, and emotional reactions are magnified.  "Beat-down?"  What a silly, immature term. 

As our usage of technology matures and becomes more sophisticated, higher levels of sanity and civility will be restored.

(That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it...)


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