Friday, January 27, 2017

a bull with a chemistry set?

"That's life; you've got to deal with it."

~~  Billy Preston

"This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."

~~  Psalm 118:24

"If Sean Spicer and Trump are going to have a war with the press, they're not going to win.

~~  Frank Sesno


Yesterday I was thinking, "Politicians don't necessarily always want what they say they want."

Then today on the CNBC site, there's a commentary by a retired congressman saying the same thing, essentially, & elaborating upon the point.  It is titled "Here's what Barney Frank thinks will happen to financial reform under Trump" -- It can be read Online.

Trump declares "running war" with media
said one CNN headline.

>> The "running war" in -- apparently -- the president's words, sounds like the "rolling narratives" that the extremist Breitbart entertainment site dishes up for its audience.  (See discussion of the Rolling Narrative format, this blog, Dec. 6, 2016.)

-------------------- Two possibilities:

1.  Pres. Trump is trying to shut down the free press, in the style of a communist or fascist dictator, or --

2.  Pres. Trump is declaring, "here is the new distraction for you to watch, folks:  my new entertainment which I offer to you -- the 'running war' with the media, the new 'rolling narrative' like a soap opera that continues day after day. 

    For what purpose?  Entertainment and advertising revenues?  For Pres. Trump to Get Ongoing Attention?  For the purpose of actually providing information for American citizens...?  To distract us from other things the president and congress are doing?


N.Y. Times Reader Comments on "the wall" --

Martin Penkwitz    Houston, Texas
----------------- Has it occurred to Mr. Trump that this proposed tax on Mexican imports will ultimately be paid by the American consumer who purchases those goods? 

Thanks Mr. President for explaining that when you said Mexico would pay for this wall, that in fact you meant that Americans would be taxed to pay for it.  Perhaps just another alternative fact.

Jared Rosenfeld    Boston
--------------------- The costs of this will redound directly on the working class. ...

Chambolle    Bainbridge Island
-------------------- So American consumers will bear a 20% tax on Mexican goods, which may translate into more than 20% with markups when goods hit retail shelves.  Ultimately, we, the American consumer, pay for the wall.  Trump beats his chest and declares victory....

All told, an exercise in 'point gun at foot, pull trigger, mop up the blood.'  A child's tantrum.  Lots of bluster, little rational thought. ...

Romy G    Texas
---------------------- There goes the price of food.  A whole lot of our produce comes from Mexico, and we sure have gotten used to having certain fruits and vegetables during more months of the year, haven't we?

Next time you open a Nabisco product, read the fine print, and ask yourself, who are Mondelez International, and are they manufacturing anything south of the border?

Jafo232    New York
------------- All this will do is benefit China