Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"unpresidented pundints"

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New York plan would offer debt-free college to families earning less than $125,000
The Washington Post

Trump's cabinet picks / The appointments so far
The Guardian, UK

Trump rethink on abolishing Obamacare

Trump, Intel Agencies Can't Even Agree What Day It Is
NBC News

Group will hand out free weed in D.C. on Inauguration Day
CBS News


(reader comments on Krugman NYT op-ed)

Clay Bonnyman Evans    Hilton Head Island
````````` In what sense "left"?  In the United States, there is no major party that would qualify as "left" in most other nations.

President Obama, while liberal on social matters...governed very much as a right-of-center leader. ...There were no massive tax increases or functional new controls over an out-of-control finance industry.

Overseas, while he pulled back from the most egregious errors of the Bush presidency, Obama vigorously prosecuted and promulgated his drone war in pursuit of America's enemies (whether one approves or not).  He is no dove.

Face it:  Had Obama

been elected in 1968, he'd have been seen as more conservative than Nixon.

T. Paine    Rochester, N.Y.
``````````` One of the key points from Mr. Krugman's article is that he blames Hillary Clinton's loss on circumstances other than she was the wrong candidate with the wrong "message" (if she ever had a message). 

The bad candidate (Trump) simply beat the worse candidate (Clinton) -- that was the 2016 election. 

America needs to push Trump and his supporters to produce the job growth he touted. 

Trump will be president; let's see how we can make this work for the betterment of all Americans not only those on Trump's speed dial.

Patrick    Long Island  N.Y.
`````````````` Consider the population; There are far more regular lower and middle class citizens than wealthy ones.  I anticipate the self-destruction of the Republican Congress

and White House by the next election.  The Republican destruction of the government about to unfold will be realized as real pain and suffering for the everyday citizens and an ensuing backlash at the polls in 2018.

You can't win with only wealthy voters.  There just aren't enough of them.
[end, Reader Comments]

I'm developing a real antipathy to the "words" some people use to describe, or denote, the people who do the work in this country.  First it was "average," then there's "ordinary" -- now, add "everyday" and "lower."  LOL.

Sometimes I wonder if the people who invent these words for the Busy Working People Who Get Everything Done In The World have ulterior motives for the deployment of belittling terms to refer to the Productive Competent People Who Come To Work and Accomplish Something Positive.

A department manager at a factory recently cut the explanation down to one page, and the page contained one word:  "arrogance."

But I don't want to be intolerant -- I guess some of the Readers Commenting and others who struggle to find words for the Working People, are just trying to find a way to express

"responsible, smart, diligent, methodical,

painstaking, skillful, honest,






who build and maintain America's economy (and that of the world) daily." 

And it's like with the incoming administration in Washington, we want to (try to) be tolerant with them, too -- they may not know all the words -- "pundint" for pundit, and the president-elect himself calls something that's unprecedented "unpresidented" instead... 

I don't want to "make fun of" people (though is a little difficult to hold back) -- voters wanted to elect an "outsider" to Washington's career politicians, and an outsider and his staff members might not know all the words, I guess. 

... If someone put me at a Donald Trump casino construction site -- like, helicoptered me in -- then I'd be the "outsider" and I suppose in that case I would not know all the words. ... (Hard-hat?  Helmet?)

{the canoe painting 3 paragraphs back hangs in the Portland Museum of Art in Portland, Maine}


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