Thursday, January 26, 2017

the economy will be fixed easily

Point to remember:  Politicians don't necessarily always want what they say they want.

Note:  In the January 24, 2017 New York Times, there's an article titled "Why women quit working" written by Patricia Cohen, which can be read Online.

The article isn't about President Trump, but he "sneaks into" many discussions on various topics  these days -- one Reader Comment on the Cohen article calls the new president and his Cabinet of -- mmh -- Intelligent Billionaires, the "empty-your-pockets-for-me brigade now in charge, in Washington"....

One Reader Commented from Seattle: 
"We need to restore dignity to service jobs....If we stop working out of self interest and start working for the sake of others' benefits, the economy will be fixed easily. 

The problem will be changing the scarcity mindset and fears associated with loss of  your own benefits to others.  Many women work for free for their family and love what they do."

Some other Reader Comments on this article:

Ellen Liversidge    San Diego, CA
---------- Thanks for what I hope is the beginning of serious reporting of work in the U.S.  Lack of work, underpaid work, lack of societal supports, topped by unheard of income inequality are all factors that drove the vote the way it went this year. 

Beyond the aggregate numbers that keep reporting more people back at work, there are countless untold stories....

Rick    ABZ
----------------- When I was unemployed, no-one ever asked me if I quit looking for work, and of course, I hadn't. 

I still had to eat, and could not collect unemployment.  I am sure there were many like me. 

I am tired of hearing there is a large swath of people who just gave up, as if it were a luxury they could choose.  Ridiculous.

Upstate New York
---------------- ...What I do think is consistently missed for the jobs numbers with respect to men, but also some women, is that they are working in the cash-only economy...

Chuck Mella    Mellaville
-------------- We didn't "give up" Rick.  Many of us found ways in the underground economy.  But we don't like to talk about it.  Get it?

JJ    Chicago
----------- Finally, an article that acknowledges that the 4.7% unemployment rate is entirely misleading.