Monday, January 2, 2017

reasons, and anti-reasons...

Crossed paths with a peer watching television on their phone, recently.  They turned the thing off, and I said, Go on and watch, I won't talk over it, I'll be quiet.  I was told, in reply, "No, you cannot see this.  This isn't for you."

(Hey, I am real old!  I remember -- well, I remember a lotta stuff, and I am far-and-away "over-21.")

What do you mean, I can't watch that?  I can watch that -- And I am older than the person watching the show, right?!  Who is to say who can censor for whom?  It continued to be insisted firmly to me that I wouldn't like this rude program, and it was not going to be shown to me.

It is enough to "grouchilate" a person.

It made me think of a sequence that's told in the various Kennedy biographies -- when First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy visited India

(and Pakistan) in March of 1962, U.S. Ambassador to India, John Kenneth Galbraith was said to have sent a telegram to the president mentioning that on the itinerary for Mrs. Kennedy was a visit to a museum that featured traditional erotic art;

the ambassador thought maybe the First Lady should be advised to skip that stop....

President Kennedy telegraphed back, "Why?  Don't you think she's old enough?"


In telling this anecdote to the audience of the racy telephone show -- found myself getting into a verbal "tangle," trying to say that the reason Mrs. Kennedy was sent to accomplish diplomatic ends was because she was not a diplomat. ... 

(Eerhh - uh - right...)  Government - politics - appearances - blah - blah - yadda...(Trying to do good by stealth...)

Galbraith (author of The Great Crash, 1929; The Affluent Society; The Good Society; and other titles) is the tall guy on our right, in this picture. 

Nehru is to Mrs. Kennedy's right. 


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