Wednesday, May 10, 2017

cherished recordings

My boyfriend's back, he's gonna save my reputation...

If I were you I'd take a permanent vacation...



Los Angeles Times

--Absolutely nothing about James Comey's firing passes the smell test

-- Trump's judges:  conservative but qualified

-- Donald Trump is too inept to conduct a successful cover-up

-- Republican faith in tax cuts and human suffering shapes healthcare bill


People magazine

JFK's Grandson Jack Introduces Obama for Profile in Courage Award - as former President Urges 'Courage' in Health Care Fight

ABC News

Historians hear echoes of Watergate's 1973 Saturday Night Massacre in Comey's firing


The way I remember the Saturday Night Massacre was this:  Archibald Cox's job was to investigate and evaluate the Watergate burglary and events surrounding it; President Nixon

wanted Mr. Cox

to stop investigating, and to stop going into court to ask for the White House tapes.  ("Cherished recordings," one might say...)

President Nixon ordered Elliot Richardson

to fire Cox; Richardson said it wasn't ethical, and that it "conflicted with a promise he had made to the Senate" and refused to fire Cox, and when the president insisted, Richardson resigned. 

Then the president told Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus to fire Cox, and Ruckelshaus


also refused because it wasn't ethical, and he resigned.  (White House press secretary Ron Ziegler said fired....)

Pres. Nixon then named Solicitor General Robert Bork Acting Attorney General, and asked if he would fire Cox, and Bork --