Tuesday, May 30, 2017

how was I to know there was a party going on

The song that begins,
"Splish splash, I was takin' a bath --

'Long about a Saturday night -- yeah!"

was Bobby Darin's first hit, climbing the charts in 1958, while Dwight ("Ike") Eisenhower was still the U.S. president.

When you listen to "Splish Splash," you hear a light, humorous spin on the gutsy rock-and-roll that had been jitterbugging its way through the 1950s, bringing its Southern, rhythm-and-blues and soul roots to the ears and attention of mainstream middle-class America.

For listeners "over 30" whose tastes might be rooted in 1940s musical styles with favorites such as "I'll Be Seeing You," "I'll Never Smile Again," and "Someone to Watch Over Me"

-- Darin's smash hit song could seem like more of the new "obnoxious" stuff they didn't like, or it could seem like a new song that -- well -- wasn't TOO bad....

Bobby Darin was no hippie -- there were not any hippies yet -- that era had not begun -- and Darin was also no kind of beatnik....

Compare performance photos of Bobby Darrin and Frank Sinatra:

(If Bobby Darin had auditioned for a place in the Rat Pack, I think he might have been hired, don't you?)

It was an interesting moment in American social and musical history.  Full of tension and promise and creativity....

"Splish Splash" fairly bristles with references, nods, homages, and influences -- when Darin punctuates his vocal with extra asides like "yeah" and "one time!" and "ooh - whee" he's doing a Jerry Lee Lewis impression -- 'thank y'Jerry Lee' ...

"Flip-Flop (they was doing the bop)" refers to "Flip, Flop and Fly," a 1955 recording by Big Joe Turner.

(I first heard "Flip, Flop and Fly" on a Jerry Lee Lewis cassette tape in the 1990s)

"There was Lollipop" (1958 pop song - The Chordettes), with-a Peggy Sue (Buddy Holly's song, "Peggy Sue")

"Good golly Miss Molly" -- a Little Richard song -- was-a even there, too....

...With the line "reeling with the feeling" I believe Bobby Darin is referring to "Reelin' and Rockin'" -- Chuck Berry's 1957 B-side to "Sweet Little Sixteen."

Global humans that listened to "Splish Splash" on YouTube made Comments:

------------ This is the best song I have ever heard in my entire life.

----------------- this song is my childhood

-------------------- I like this song

Sierra Amir
-----------------I am listening to this in 2016 who else is?

----------------- Sierra Amir sorry, I'm listening in 2017

Rubic worker
--------------- me too

eZ Masters
------------------- I'm here because good taste..

Hip Hop Otaku
------------------ What are you people doing in my living room?!

Noelani Paxtor
----------------------- I don't know, you tell me  : )

Carla Jones
--------------------- I will show my children in the future this song even though im only 9

------------------ How old is this song?!  Cause if it's about 40 years or so then how did it become popular?

Don Carlson
----------------- ...it is an old song

Tim O'Brien
--------------------- Cool song.  the only thing that bothered me was how did he not know there was a party @ his own house??

Noelani Paxtor
---------------- Tim O'Brien they might have snuck in and he was too relaxed to notice

----------------- 1958 or thereabouts is when this song came out and still today a five year old or a 100 year old who hear this song will still (at the least) smile and feel happy and that was/is the essence of the Classical Rockin' & Rollin' Oldies generation of music.   : )

Metro At Midnight
------------------ He sounds a little bit like jerry lee Louis in some parts

Lloyd Christmas
---------------- I wish I could've lived in this decade

----------------------- love this song very catchy

rusty fenceford
-------------- funky whiteboy


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